Nordic Combined

nordic combined


Nordic combined is the blending of cross country skiing and ski jumping. It is an Olympic recognized sport and is played by both women and men around the world. The first appearances of a Nordic combined were in Norway in the late 1800s, and it is now widely practiced around the globe.

Nordic combined consists of a small hill, a large hill, and also a team event. The hills are used for jumps, and the team event includes four team members that each take their own jump.

Nordic combined competitions can be organized in a few different ways. Some competitions last one day, where the jump occurs earlier in the day and the cross country skiing follows. Other games can last three days, with different events on each day.

The equipment for Nordic combined is exactly what a person would require for skiing. Items like skis, ski bindings, boots, suits, and helmets are worn by participants when they practice and compete.

Nordic combined requires peak athletic performance and shape to compete. Skiing takes a lot of balance, agility, stamina, and strength for both competitions and training. Workouts can help build muscular strength, but the best type of training for this sport is to practice the jumps and skiing itself.

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