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Nordic Combined

Nordic Combined is a sport that involves ski jumping and cross country skiing.These two activities are performed separately, but are put together to provide a winner. The ski jump portion takes place first and players score depending on the distances they jump. As a result of their scores, players begin the cross country skiing portion staggered based off of their ski jumping scores. Nordic Combined is an international sport and an olympic sport.


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What is Nordic Combined?

Nordic Combined is a two part sport that incorporates ski jumping and cross country skiing. First, competitors do ski jumping and awarded scores based on the distance of their jump, technique and style. Then, based on their scores they are positioned for the cross country race. The highest score jump starts the race first. The other racers are staggered and allowed to begin based off of their jump score. Whoever crosses the finish line first wins; it does not matter which position or when they started.

What equipment is used for nordic combined?

In Nordci Combined, competitors use equipment for two different sports. They need the appropriate skis, eyewear, head protection, and ski boots for each event. The gear used in each is very specific to the event and cannot be used in the other.

Is Nodic Combined an Olympic sport?

Yes, Nordic Combined has been a sport in the Winter Olympic Games since 1924.

Nordic Combined is most popular in Western and Northern European countries. These countries focus on this sport from a young age. As a result, they have been very successful in professional and Olympic competitions.

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