What is Mountainboarding?


About Mountainboarding

  • Invented: 1993
  • Founded By: Patrick McConnell and Jason Lee
  • Highest Governing Body: The International Mountainboard Association (IMA)

Mountainboarding is a relatively new sport that was invented back in 1993 by Patrick McConnell and Jason Lee. The two were snowboarders who wanted to find a way to ride during the summer. Essentially, mountainboarding is a mix between snowboarding and skateboarding. However, mountainboarding is different from those sports due to the fact that it can be done almost anywhere. It can be done on grass, hills, pavement, and dirt or rocky roads. Basically, if there’s a slope, you can try mountainboarding. Generally, the best place to learn for newcomers is grassy hills as it’s more difficult to build up speed. This makes the sport relatively easy to learn as most people are up and riding within their first few hours of learning. Mountainboarding is currently practiced in over 30 countries and is featured in over 200 summer camps across the United States.


What is mountainboarding?

Mountainboarding is a crossover between snowboarding and skateboarding. In fact, the sport was invented by two snowboarders. A person stands on board with four wheels and is equipped with equipment similar to a snowboard. The person then rides down a hill holding a break in their hand. A proficient mountainboarder also carves out turns similar to a snowboarder while going down a hill.

Where are the best places to go mountainboarding?

The amazing part about mountain boarding is it can be done in almost every terrain imaginable at any given time. However, just like most sports, there are places where it’s best to try. For mountainboarding, in New England at the American Skiing Company (ASC) Resorts is a great experience to try. The resorts are equipped with all sorts of terrain ranging from beginner to expert level. The ASC also offers courses and lessons designed for anyone’s given skill level.

What equipment do I need to go mountainboarding?

Mountainboarding isn’t a dangerous sport as long as the mountainboarder is going down appropriate trails for their given skill level and wearing the proper equipment. Mountainboarders should be wearing helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, leather gloves, close-toe shoes, and long pants to ensure their safety. Glasses or goggles are also recommended depending on the terrain. For example, if it’s going to be dusty, glasses or goggles are strongly encouraged. However, if it’s grass, they may not be required.