NASCAR Xfinity Series Playoffs Format

NASCAR Xfinity Series Playoffs Format

The NASCAR Xfinity Series is the world’s second-tier stock car series and serves as a feeder system for the premier Cup Series. Every year, the season culminates in playoffs, with the winner crowned the NASCAR Xfinity Series Champion. Keep reading to find out more about how the Xfinity Series Playoffs work.

What Are the NASCAR Xfinity Series Playoffs?

The NASCAR Xfinity Series Playoffs are a three-round elimination tournament that determines the Xfinity Series champion. The format is similar to that of the Cup Series Playoffs, with the main differences being fewer drivers qualifying and one fewer round. Twelve drivers qualify for the playoffs, and four drivers are eliminated after each round, with the field pared down to four for the championship race. Drivers advance to subsequent rounds by winning a race in the current round or earning more playoff points than their competitors.


The 12 drivers with the most wins and regular season points qualify for the Xfinity Series Playoffs. The drivers with the highest number of wins automatically qualify. If there are fewer than 12 unique race winners during the regular season, then the remaining slots are filled by the remaining drivers with the highest number of regular season driver points. Driver points are won by winning stages and finishing in top positions in races.

Playoff Rounds

The NASCAR Xfinity Series Playoffs comprises three rounds, made up of seven races in total. The first round is the Round of 12, which has the top 12 drivers from the regular season compete in three races (races 27 to 29 of the season). For this round, they will each have 2,000 points plus whatever bonus playoffs points they accrued during the regular season.

The top eight players from that group will then compete in the three races (races 30 to 32) of the Round of 8. The top four eligible racers compete in the Championship 4 in one final race, and the driver with the best finish time wins the championship title.

Playoff Points

As in the NASCAR Cup Series, playoff points are awarded throughout the playoff races, and drivers advance based on who has the most points. Drivers will accrue five points for every playoff race they win and one point for every playoff stage they win, and they also earn points for how high a standing they get in the regular season championship.

At the beginning of each round of the Nascar Xfinity Series Playoffs, each driver has their playoff points reset. They are reset at 2,000 for the Round of 12, at 3,000 for the Round of 8, and at 4,000 for the Championship 4. While drivers are eligible for each subsequent round based on their total playoff points, the championship is won by whichever of the four final drivers gets the fastest finish time in the final race.

List of Playoff Events

Food City 300Bristol, TNBristol Motor SpeedwayRound of 12
Andy’s Frozen Custard 300Fort Worth, TX Texas Motor SpeedwayRound of 12
Drive for the Cure 250Concord, NCCharlotte Motor Speedway Road CourseRound of 12
Also Uniforms 302Las Vegas, NVLas Vegas Motor SpeedwayRound of 8
Contender Boats 250Homestead, FLHomestead-Miami SpeedwayRound of 8
Dead on Tools 250Martinsville, VAMartinsville SpeedwayRound of 8
NASCAR Xfinity Series Championship RaceAvondale, AZPhoenix RacewayChampionship 4


How do the NASCAR Xfinity Series Playoffs work?

The NASCAR Xfinity Series Playoffs function off of points awarded for performances throughout the regular season and the results of seven playoff races. The 12 drivers with the highest points of the regular season compete in the Round of 12 with 2,000 points plus whatever bonus playoff points they acquired during the regular season. They advance to the Round of 8 for the top eight drivers and the Championship 4 for the top four drivers.

How many races are in the NASCAR Xfinity Series Playoffs?

There are seven total races in the NASCAR Xfinity Series Playoffs. The first round, the Round of 12, comprises three races (races 27 to 29 of the season). The second round, the Round of 8, also comprises three races (races 30 to 32 of the season). The third and final round, the Championship 4, is a single race.

How many rounds are in the NASCAR Xfinity Series Playoffs?

There are three rounds in the NASCAR Xfinity Series Playoffs. The first round of the series is the Round of 12 and has the top twelve drivers who qualify. The second round is the round of 8, with the top eight drivers. The third and final round is the Championship 4, with the last four drivers competing for the season title.