Why Do NASCAR Cars Have Open Windows?

Why Do NASCAR Cars Have Open Windows

Have you ever noticed that NASCAR cars don’t have driver’s side windows? The drivers climb into the cars through the opening where a window would be, and then a net is fastened over that opening during the race. Why don’t they use a window there instead? Keep reading to find out the answer!

Why Are There Open Windows in NASCAR Cars?

The main reason that NASCAR cars have open driver’s side windows is for safety. During races, the opening is covered by a safety net, which protects the driver from debris but is still easily removed in an emergency. The ability to quickly get a driver out is a key safety feature of NASCAR cars. The window opening also serves to ventilate heat, as temperatures can get dangerously high in the cockpit at slower tracks and on hot days.

Passenger Side Windows

While NASCAR cars never use solid windows on the driver’s side, a partial or complete Lexan polycarbonate window is affixed on the passenger side. At larger tracks and on cooler days, teams use a complete window panel. On hotter days and at short tracks, some portion of the panel is removed to allow greater airflow on the right side of the car.

What Are the Benefits of Open Windows in NASCAR?

Open windows allow better airflow. They also help pit crews make adjustments to the driver and cockpit mid-race. NASCAR is an intense and high-powered sport, and one of the biggest issues that NASCAR has to worry about is the safety of its drivers. One of the biggest safety concerns about NASCAR cars is the heat generated in the cockpit, which can approach 150°F. This can be very uncomfortable and distracting for drivers. Having to sit in a confined space focusing on competing at the highest level with that amount of heat can present a major obstacle.

Are Open Windows Safe in NASCAR?

Believe it or not, the open windows on NASCAR cars are one of their best safety features. It is not uncommon to see a crash or two during a race. Once a crash occurs, the main goal of the safety team is to quickly remove the driver from the car. In the event of a crash, drivers are able to get out of their cars more easily by climbing out of the open window. These open windows can allow for the driver to enter and exit the car efficiently and safely. NASCAR cars include protective cages that help reduce the impact of a crash on a driver, and easy access to the driver is NASCAR’s main goal. The open windows benefit the safety of the drivers during the hazardous conditions that can occur during NASCAR races.