Which Is Faster NASCAR or Formula 1?

Which Is Faster NASCAR or Formula 1

Whether NASCAR or Formula 1 cars are faster is a largely debated topic in the driving world, as the speeds of these two cars constantly change with their respective league’s rules and regulations. With the turn of each season, each racing league frequently changes the required specifications for both types of cars. This presents new challenges for the team's mechanics and ensures that racing continues to evolve. Due to this constant change, the debate over which car is faster is never fully settled.

Formula 1

Formula 1 cars are built to be fast and to have incredible handling. They race on many different tracks around the world. These tracks can have long straights and very tight corners. Each Formula 1 team’s car is in constant flux throughout the year because they need to modify it for different races. This year at the start of the 2022 season, F1 cars were cornering at around 60-70mph on the Bahrain track. At the beginning of the season's testing, they were reaching speeds of 204 mph on the straights. These numbers are fast, but it’s not the fastest these cars have ever gone. The fastest speed record set by an F1 car was clocked at 246.98 mph. Now let's see how Nascar stacks up against these records.


NASCAR, an American favorite for racing fans, races its cars on oval-shaped tracks. While they also race on different tracks throughout the year, these tracks tend to be similar in shape. This means the amount of modifications the teams need to make to their cars in between races is not as significant as in Formula 1. During the initial testing for NASCAR in 2022, the top cars were clocking in at around 195 mph, while most of the pack was running at about 185 mph. However, this does not represent NASCAR’s fastest speeds. The fastest speed ever recorded in a NASCAR vehicle was measured at 212 mph. 

Who Wins?

In terms of records set for top speed and cornering speed, the Formula 1 cars have beaten the NASCAR cars. It may appear that the Formula 1 teams have built faster and more efficient cars; however, this is because NASCAR and Formula 1 are two different sports. The type of cars each team builds is entirely dependent on the rules and regulations set by the league. The records set by previous Formula 1 cars are not the speeds these cars are currently racing at. With each new year comes a different version of last year's car. During this 2022 season, both cars' top speeds are fairly close to one another. The records set by NASCAR and Formula 1 cars are very likely to change in the coming years.