What Licenses Do NASCAR Drivers Have?

What Licenses Do NASCAR Drivers Have

Do Nascar Drivers Need a License?

Just like any normal civilian drivers, NASCAR Drivers also need to have licenses. However, they need special licenses that allow them to drive in NASCAR races. To obtain these special licenses you need to either apply through the NASCAR headquarters, or apply at a local licensed NASCAR track. NASCAR drivers need a special license to ensure that the drivers are fully able of handling the risks and difficulty of driving a racing car. Along with the drivers themselves needing to get a license, everyone associated with your racing team also needs to get a license. NASCAR drivers getting licenses and renewing the licenses, ensures that the drivers that compete in NASCAR are prepared and able to safely compete.

License Preparation

Obtaining a NASCAR license isn’t as simple as going down to your local DMV and taking a driving test. Instead, to become a NASCAR driver and get your license, you need to show that you have a strong background and experience in race car driving and technical car knowledge. Most people that want to become NASCAR drivers tend to start out young, with kids doing go kart racing when they are young, and then competing in local races as they get older. Additionally, as you get older potential drivers should also attend a NASCAR driving school, to get a better understanding of racing and what is needed to be a driver. Furthermore, also going to some kind of mechanical training school for cars is also a good way to prepare yourself especially if you want to get a license to be a crew member.

NASCAR License Costs

A NASCAR license along with needing you to prove enough experience in racing also has a cost of one hundred and ten dollars, and the cost for late models are two hundred and five dollars. In getting a license you are provided one million dollars of insurance coverage at NASCAR sanctioned events, and the license applies to all NASCAR race tracks. Any other non NASCAR event you participate in though does not include that insurance coverage. The licenses also cost money for your crew; it costs one hundred dollars for your crew members. However, while the cost of the application is not very expensive, the main expense in racing is actually getting a racing car, (roughly one hundred thousand dollars) paying for maintenance and pit crew salaries, travel costs, and vehicle care. All of these costs is why you typically find a rich sponsor to provide the money for your team.

Renewing NASCAR Licenses

Even if you are a professional racer for other racing organizations like Formula 1 you still need to apply for a NASCAR license. Those racers still need to complete an application and submit a resume. This includes personal information, your prior racing experience, and references. Additionally, NASCAR licenses just like regular driver licenses also need to be renewed by the drivers and by the crew in order to be able to compete every year in the races. In order for your license to be renewed, or for you to get your license in the first place, you also need to pass a drug test too.