What Licenses Do NASCAR Drivers Have?

What Licenses Do NASCAR Drivers Have

Do NASCAR Drivers Need a License?

Just like all drivers, NASCAR drivers need to have licenses; however, they also need special licenses that allow them to drive in NASCAR races, called NASCAR licenses. To obtain a NASCAR license, you need to either apply by mail or email through the NASCAR headquarters or apply at a local licensed NASCAR track.

NASCAR licenses ensure that the drivers are fully able to handle the risks and difficulties of driving a race car. Along with the drivers themselves needing to get a license, every member of a racing team also needs to get a license. Applying for and renewing NASCAR licenses ensures that the drivers that compete in NASCAR are prepared and able to compete safely.

License Preparation

Obtaining a NASCAR license isn’t as simple as going down to your local DMV and taking a driving test. Instead, to become a NASCAR driver and get your license, you need to show that you have a strong background and experience in race car driving and technical car knowledge. Most people that want to become NASCAR drivers tend to start out young, with kids doing go-kart racing when they are young and then competing in local races as they get older. Additionally, as you get older, potential drivers should also attend a NASCAR driving school to get a better understanding of racing and what is needed to be a driver. Furthermore, going to some kind of mechanical training school for cars is also a good way to prepare yourself, especially if you want to get a license to be a crew member.

NASCAR License Costs

A NASCAR license, along with needing to prove enough experience in racing, has a cost of $110, and the cost for late models is $205. This is the starting price for a crew member license. NASCAR driver licenses are much more expensive, costing as much as $2,000 per year. Typically, these higher costs are covered by the teams.

As part of a NASCAR license, drivers are provided $1 million of insurance coverage at NASCAR-sanctioned events, and the license applies to all NASCAR race tracks. Any other non-NASCAR event does not include that insurance coverage.

While the cost of a NASCAR license is not very expensive, the main expenses in racing are getting a race car (roughly $150,000 dollars), paying for maintenance and pit crew salaries, travel costs, and vehicle care.

Applying For and Renewing NASCAR Licenses

Even if you are a professional racer for other racing organizations, like Formula 1, you still need to apply for a NASCAR license to race in NASCAR. Those racers still need to complete an application and submit a résumé. This includes personal information, your prior racing experience, and references.

NASCAR licenses need to be renewed by the drivers and by the crew every year in order to be able to compete. In order for your license to be renewed, or for you to get your license in the first place, you also need to pass a drug test. Renewing a NASCAR license is much simpler and may be done through NASCAR’s online portal.


Do NASCAR drivers have special licenses?

NASCAR drivers have special licenses called NASCAR licenses. These licenses must be held by all drivers and crew members to compete in any level of NASCAR competition. NASCAR licenses can be obtained in person at NASCAR tracks or via email or mail from NASCAR headquarters. Depending on the position of the applicant and the level of competition, NASCAR licenses cost between around $100 for a crew member to $2,000 for a Cup Series driver.

How long does it take to get a NASCAR license?

It takes about six to eight weeks for a NASCAR license to arrive. In the meantime, you can use your temporary license, which will be issued as soon as your application is approved. You can get a temporary license within a few minutes at your local NASCAR track or within a few days if applying via email or mail. Although a NASCAR license arrives within a few weeks, it takes years of education and competition to have the experience necessary to apply.

Can a regular person drive a NASCAR car?

A regular person can drive a NASCAR, but only at special events hosted by NASCAR. These events are called the NASCAR Racing Experience and offer ride-alongs with a licensed NASCAR driver as well as solo track sessions between five and 48 minutes long. During the solo track sessions, participants take racing speed laps without an instructor present and passing is allowed.