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What Is The Current Font Used For The NASCAR Logo?

What Is The Current Font Used For The NASCAR Logo

The NASCAR logo is distinguishable amongst many of the current sports logos. NASCAR has embroidered jackets, t-shirts, hats and backpacks with their iconic logo for years. With such an iconic and colorful logo, many people want to know what the current font is for the NASCAR logo.

The Mystery

There's actually some mystery surrounding the font currently used for the NASCAR logo. It may be very iconic, but almost no members of the public know actually what the font is that NASCAR uses. There's plenty of speculation about the font, but really everything is just a best guess.

The Font

So what really is the font? Just like every other answer, this is simply an estimate. ITC Machine Medium is the closest possible guess as to what the font could be that is used in the NASCAR logo. This font was created in 1970 and released by ITC. The font was developed by Mr. Ronne Bonder and Mr. Tom Carnase for the ITC company. The font has a medium and bold option. Because of its use in NASCAR, ITC's font has since become legendary. Due to the legendary status of ITC Machine Medium as a font, you will have to pay ITC $35 per use if it is a font that you would like to use.


What is the name of the font used for NASCAR?

The name of the font that NASCAR uses is ITC Machine Medium. This means that the font is owned by ITC, its name is Machine, and the version of the font is Medium. This isn't guaranteed to be the font used by NASCAR, because no one truly knows. NASCAR has a very legendary font and people are curious about which one it is. However, the best guess for the font used in NASCAR is ITC Machine Medium.

Who created the font used for NASCAR?

The NASCAR font was created by two men, Ronne Bonder, and Tom Carnase. These two men worked for the ITC company at the time, and they were the ones who created ITC Machine. It came in two versions including the one that NASCAR uses for its font today, Machine Medium. The two men created the font in 1970.