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How Long Is The NASCAR Season?

How Long Is The NASCAR Season

Nascar has several different series that run for different lengths. These series include:

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Cup Series

The NASCAR Cup Series consists of 36 races over the course of ten months. Technically NASCAR does not have a defined season, but rather there are 36 races that start in February and go all the way to November. These 36 NASCAR races are the largest in the sport and attract massive crowds due to some of the stadiums having very large seat capacities. Unlike most sports where the biggest game of the season is at the end, in NASCAR their biggest event of the season takes place at the beginning of the season.

The Daytona 500 is the first race of the season, typically attracts the largest crowds, and is the most famous track in all of NASCAR. This race kicks off the long 10 months of racing. Throughout the season, some of the most exciting races are the Dayton 500, the Coca-Cola 600 which is raced at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, and the Ford 400 which is the final race of the NASCAR season and is raced at the Homestead-Miami Speedway.



The XFINITY Series is comparable to the minor leagues in baseball; the XFINITY Series is the league below the Cup Series. The drivers in this league are working towards getting into the Cup Series. Since this league is considered the second league the cars have some modifications. The cars in this series have a little less horsepower and weigh a little less than the cars in the Cup Series. Although the XFINITY Series racers are not competing with the Cup Series drivers, they race on similar tracks. For example, when the Cup Series is in Daytona for the first weekend, so is the XFINITY Series. Typically the races are a little shorter than the Cup Series as well. XFINITY Series drivers may only do 300 miles while Cup Series Drivers will drive 500 miles.

The XFINITY Series is also a little bit shorter than the 36 race Cup Series as their season is a total of 33 games including playoffs, but is comparable because XFINITY Series and Cup Series drivers race on the same tracks, which motivates the XFINITY Series drivers to continue to push themselves to reach the next level.


NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series

This league is smaller than the XFINITY Series, but is unique compared to the two other leagues. This is because the cars in this series are modified pickup trucks that can reach speeds of 180 miles per hour. Similarly to the other two series, the Truck Series begins in Daytona in February. Their races are typically 200 to 250 miles which is shorter than the other two series. Since they are driving in trucks, they play some different courses than the other two series which results in them having less races. Typically a full Truck Series consists of around 20 races compared to 36 in the Cup Series.