How Does Scoring Work In Nascar?

How Does Scoring Work In Nascar

Scoring in Nascar works differently than other sports. Because race car driving for NASCAR is competition based, and therefore it is a point system based on a final position in the race, it is different from other sports in which points can be earned throughout the game. Up to 40 teams can compete per race, however, only 36 teams are guaranteed a position in the race. Each team is made up of the individual driver which has full control of the car, and then an entire team that helps support the driver throughout the race in order for that driver to drive each race as successfully as possible. Some teams have multiple drivers, driving for them, or in their specific car, but there are typically only two drivers per team at a maximum.

Because there are 40 spots available, the first team to finish will receive 40 points for winning the entire race and coming in first place. The second place team will earn 35 points, and from there each team below the second place team will earn one less point consecutively. Meaning the third place team will earn 34 points, the fourth place team will earn 33 points, and so on until the thirty-sixth team. Teams placing in spots thirty-sixth through fourty will all earn one point.

Stage Finish Point System

Although the majority of points are earned based on a team’s final position, teams can also earn points throughout the race based on how well they are driving at the end of the different race stages. Only teams placing in the top 10 positions can earn these extra race stage points. In terms of the specific point system used for the stage finish, the first place team per stage will earn an extra 10 points. From there moving to the second place team, 9 points will be earned. After this, each of the remaining top 10 teams will earn one point less than the team before them. This means that third place will receive 8 points, and then fourth will earn 7 points, moving consecutively down again by one point until the tenth place team earns the smallest bonus of one point.

In addition, race car teams or drivers can earn points based on finishing each lap first. It is each team's top priority to not only finish each lap and race in first place, but to also constantly work towards finishing each lap and overall race in the shortest amount of time. These races are based on the difference of literal mili-seconds and therefore every move they make counts towards potentially earning more points, that can go towards the entire racing season as a whole.


Do Nascar drivers wear diapers?

Yes, some Nascar drivers do wear diapers during races. However the majority of them do not. A lot of drivers are known to let nature take its course in their fire suits. Because they do not need to go to the bathroom very often, when they occasionally need to use the bathroom during a race they choose against wearing an adult diaper. This is a common question because drivers are constantly drinking water during races in order to stay hydrated.

Why do they have stages in Nascar?

The different stages in Nascar were actually created mainly for marketing purposes. Three years ago in 2017, the stages were implemented in order to not only increase the market value of racing, but to make the race more competitive. By creating multiple stages throughout the race, competition increases, because there are more points throughout the race in which teams can earn.

How long is a typical Nascar race?

Nascar races can last anywhere from 2 to 10 hours, depending on the track and weather conditions. On average, Nascar races tend to take about 3 hours to complete with driving and put stops included. Like with anything, timing in racing is very dependent on the actual track itself as well as the weather conditions, and any crashes that might occur during the race.  

How do the points earned at each competition count?

Each racing season lasts months long, and the training is throughout the entire year and on a daily basis for those at the top levels, and therefore competing in NASCAR races. Because the season is so long, and accidents happen all the time, the points earned at each individual race actually combine together towards a larger sum that is awarded at the end of the season. The team or race car driver with the most points at the end of each season will be awarded the highest honor for that year.