Do NASCAR Drivers Use Their Brakes?

Do NASCAR Drivers Use Their Brakes

In NASCAR, the cars race at very high speeds. So as you can imagine, when going over 200 mph, they may have to slow down! One way to slow down is with brakes, but NASCAR drivers also have other ways of reducing speed. Keep reading to find out all about how NASCAR drivers use their brakes.

When Do NASCAR Drivers Use Their Brakes?

NASCAR drivers use brakes, but they don’t use them that often. After all, the object of NASCAR is to cross the finish line first, and drivers accomplish this by being the fastest. Drivers use their brakes most often when slowing down for the sharp turns at short tracks and road courses. They rarely brake at intermediate ovals and superspeedways.

Why Do NASCAR Drivers Rarely Brake?

By using their brakes less, drivers can keep a faster speed without slowing down and falling behind the other racers. For curves, they simply slow down by applying less gas or very gently braking. Using brakes during a race can sometimes be dangerous. When going over 200 mph in traffic, drivers must avoid braking quickly. Braking can result in a disaster if not done correctly.

Brake usage varies depending on the track. However, there are a few instances when drivers must utilize their brakes. Whenever a caution flag is shown, all drivers must slow down. Brakes are also used for pit stops to slow down on pit road and come to a stop in the pit box.

How Do NASCAR Drivers Slow Down?

NASCAR drivers have three methods of slowing their cars: braking, lifting, and engine braking. Braking is applying the car’s braking system, usually gently and in short bursts. This is most often done at short tracks and road courses. Lifting is reducing throttle input or “lifting” their foot off the gas. This technique is useful for maintaining speed through turns and saving fuel. Engine braking is shifting to a lower gear and using the engine’s momentum to slow the car. This technique is especially helpful at short tracks and when the brakes are overheated.


Do NASCAR cars have brakes?

NASCAR cars do have brakes, although the drivers may seem to rarely use them. On intermediate oval and superspeedway tracks, drivers do not have to use their brakes as often because of the smooth, banked turns. Short tracks and road courses require much more braking because of their sharper corners. Brakes are also useful for emergency stops, avoiding collisions, and coming into the pits.

How are NASCAR brakes different from regular ones?

NASCAR braking systems are a little different than that of a typical car. They have differences that are beneficial and effective in making the car go faster. One example is that the brakes are much lighter. The lighter the car, the faster the car can accelerate. They also serve an aerodynamic function. This works by having ventilation systems in the brakes. Brake fluid can get very hot because of the car. With a ventilation system, the brake fluid can be cooled down immensely.