NASCAR Digital Dashboards

If NASCAR vehicles don’t have speedometers on their dashboards, then what do they have? The dashboard on all NASCAR cars was changed in 2015 from using analog gauges to utilizing the current digital display that can be fully customized by each team.

Digital Display

The digital displays on NASCAR dashboards can show RPM, lap time, water temperature, water pressure, oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, voltage, and more. It can display data on sixteen different presets in the form of numbers, graphs, color scales, or digital imitations of traditional gauges. Beside the dashboard is a screen showing the view from a rear-facing camera so drivers can see behind them. However, one thing that NASCAR’s digital dashboards don’t show is the car’s speed in miles per hour!

Dashboard Lights

Although NASCAR cars do not have speedometers, their dashboards feature a set of lights that drivers use to prevent speeding on pit road. There are four pairs of lights (green, yellow, orange, and red), and they function like a simple tachometer. Pit road speed is different for every track, so teams calibrate the dashboard lights for each upcoming race. The green lights mean the driver is going too slow, and the yellow and orange lights mean they are within the pit road speed limit. Red lights mean they are over the speed limit and need to slow down.