Danica Patrick Bio And Facts

Danica Patrick

Danica Sue Patrick, or Danica Patrick was born on March 25, 1982 in Beloit, Wisconsin. Patrick is known for being a professional American race car driver and the first woman in the history of the IndyCar series to win a championship event. Patrick began her racing career by playing with go-karts at the age of 10, which later turned into national success. At the age of 16, Patrick left high school to race professionally.

Patrick participated in the Formula Fords and Vauxhalls festivals in the United Kingdom and placed second in the 2000 Formula Ford Festival, which was the best finish for an American in the history of that festival. In 2002, Patrick returned to the U.S. after she signed on to what would be her first Indy-car racing contract with famed former race car driver, Bobby Rahaal. Patrick ended up placing third in the drivers' overall ranking in 2004, which allowed her to qualify for the Indianapolis 500.

  • Birthdate: March 25, 1982 (25-03-1982)
  • Education: Hononegah Community High School
  • Net Worth: $60 million
  • Occupation: NASCAR Driver
  • Height: 5'2" (1.57 m)
  • Weight: 99 lbs (44.90 kgs)
  • Years Active: 16 years


Danica Patrick's NASCAR career started back when she found her passion for racing back when she was only 10 years old. Patrick and her sister started out racing go-karts together, which grew into Patrick competing against others in smaller tournaments at the age of 16. After finding national success in go-karts, Patrick dropped out of high school and left to race in the United Kingdom. Patrick ended up placing second at the Ford Festival which was the best that an American has ever done there.

By 2002 Patrick was recruited by Indy driver Bobby Rahal and ended up qualifying for the Indianapolis 500. She was the first-ever woman to lead the race, but eventually finished fourth. Patrick was selected as Rookie of the Year for 2005. Patrick started racing with the Andretti Green Racing team in 2007 and had her first big win of her career, the Firestone IndyCar 300 race. By 2010 Patrick raced in only a partial season in NASCAR's lower-tier series, later switching to full time to participate in the Daytona 500. Patrick placed eighth and retired in 2018.

Titles and Awards

During her career, Danica Patrick set many records that no woman had ever set before within the world of NASCAR. At the age of 16, Patrick traveled to the United Kingdom and placed second in the 2000 Formula Ford festival. By 2005 Patrick set the fastest lap in practice and placed fourth overall in the race, something no woman had ever done before. Patrick was selected as Rookie of the Year for 2005 and was voted Indy Racing League Most Popular Driver in '05, '06, and '07. Patrick placed first in the Firestone IndyCar 300 race, making her the first woman to ever win an IndyCar series race. Patrick was the first woman to ever start a Sprint Cup race from the pole in the Daytona 500, where she finished in eight place.

Personal Life

Danica Patrick was born in Wisconsin to mother Beverly Ann Patrick and father Terry Jose Patrick Jr., a racer of snowmobiles and midget cars. Patrick began racing cars at the age of 10 in her hometown. Patrick was raised in Roscoe, Illinois where she went to Hononegah Community High School, and later would leave to pursue racing cars professionally.

Patrick eventually traveled to the United Kingdom to focus on racing cars and competed in two festivals, Formula Ford, where she placed second, and Formula Vauxhall. In 2005, Patrick married Paul Edward Hospenthal and was married to him for eight years. After retiring from racing in 2018, Patrick co wrote several books including the memoir: Crossing the Line and Pretty Intense: The 90-Day Mind, Body, and Food Plan that Will Absolutely Change Your Life in 2017. Patrick also is a huge wine enthusiast and has her own cellar in the basement of her home filled with different types of wine she has collected.

Fun Facts

  • Danica Patrick's fan base is called the Danica Maniacs
  • A major sponsor for Danica Patrick is GoDaddy.com
  • Danica wrote her own autobiography called Danica: Crossing the Line
  • In 2008 Danica Patrick won the 2008 Kids Choice Award for favorite female athlete
  • Danica's favorite number is number 7 which is why she always tries to drive the car with a number seven on it
  • Danica Patrick is extremely small standing at only 5 foot 2 inches
  • Patrick was the first-ever woman to lead laps in the Indianapolis 500 at the age of 19 in 2005
  • Patrick is a huge fan of wine and has her own cellar in her home located in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Patrick is a big fan of the NFL's Chicago Bears
  • Patrick started out by racing go-karts which is how she discovered her passion for racing
  • Patrick was named IndyCar's most popular driver in six of her seven seasons


What does Danica Patrick do now?

Danica Patrick was a professional NASCAR driver for 16 years of her life and in 2018 she decided to retire from the fast paced profession she knew. Patrick now makes wine in her Somnium Vineyard in Deer Park, California and founded her own clothing line named the Warrior clothing line. Patrick has also released a new book which is a guide called Pretty Intense: The 90-Day Mind, Body and Food Plan that Will Absolutely Change Your Life.

Has Danica Patrick ever won the INDY 500?

Danica Patrick has been a professional NASCAR racer for 15 years, and has participated in over 100 races during her time as a racer. Although during her time as a racer, she has never won the Indy 500 specifically, but Patrick has won the 2008 Indy Japan 300. Patrick is the only woman racer to win an Indy series race, which is an incredible accomplishment. Even though Patrick has never won the Indy 500 she still has made waves within the NASCAR world being a leading woman racer.

How many times has Danica Patrick crashed?

Danica Patrick has crashed her car many times as a NASCAR driver, but that is one of the many risks professional race car drivers face while in action. During her first season as a driver, Patrick's car ended up momentarily airborne from a wreck. In total Danica Patrick has wrecked her car 11 or more times in the past sixteen years as a NASCAR driver.

Is Danica Patrick a successful NASCAR driver?

Danica Patrick is most certainly one of the most successful women drivers in the field of NASCAR drivers. Patrick laid a lot of the ground work for other women drivers entering the professional race world. Patrick is also the only woman to ever win an Indy series race, which makes her an inspiration to many aspiring young girls and women looking to enter the competitive world of professional racing.