NASCAR Basic Rules For Kids

NASCAR Basic Rules For Kids


NASCAR is a sport where drivers in race cars compete against each other.

Most races are held on large oval tracks called speedways, typically measuring around 1.5 miles in length. 

In a single NASCAR race, each driver will take hundreds of laps around a track with the goal of crossing the finish line first.

In order to finish the race in a good position, drivers must avoid crashing.

Crashes occur if a car or group of cars bump into one another as a result of a technical malfunction by a car or a mistake by one or more drivers.  

To avoid crashes by getting fresh tires, and to fill up their fuel tanks, drivers must make occasional pit stops.

A pit stop is a small period of time during a race when a race car driver leaves the track and allows work to be done on their car, such as changing tires and adding fuel.

During the race, drivers are free to pass each other as they try to finish the race in first place.