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NASCAR is an increasingly fast-paced sport involving stock car racing throughout the United States. 40+ cars zoom around the track within inches of each other and seconds separate the winner from the loser. Each driver has a team that helps to perfect both the driver's performance as well as the car's performance on the track. NASCAR is a unique sport as it is one of the most popular closed-wheeled racing sports in the world. The 36 race season provides plenty of drama and excitement for fans, drivers, teams, and owners alike.

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What is NASCAR?

NASCAR is the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. It is the premier racing circuit in the United States and the world for closed-wheel racing. The Cup Series is its highest level and has over 30 races with over 40 drivers.

What does loose and tight mean in NASCAR?

nascar loose and tight

During a race, a driver's team depends on his communication to tell them what is going on with the car so that they can make efficient accommodations at pit stops. When considering how the turns are going, a driver may announce to the team that his car is "loose" or "tight" depending on what is occurring at the turns. In response, the team can make the proper adjustments at the following pit stop.

What TV network is NASCAR on today?

FOX Sports owns the rights to NASCAR races on TV through the 2024 season. Most of these races take place on FOX Sports 1 with some also on FOX depending on the notoriety of the race. Also, NBC airs some of the races throughout the season as well.

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