List of Mountain Biking Skills

List of Mountain Biking Skills

Mountain biking is an extremely popular outdoor sport. It is a great workout, and many people find it very enjoyable to participate in both recreationally and competitively. Physical strength and endurance are important to succeed in this sport, but that is far from all you need. Mountain biking is an extremely technical sport that requires numerous skills in order to have success.

Mountain Biking Skills

  • Pedal Stroke
  • Balance
  • Corner
  • Climbing
  • Braking
  • Shifting

Pedal Stroke

An efficient stroke will save energy and allow you to do everything smoothly while on the trail. The more smooth your stroke is, the easier it will be to get over larger obstacles that are in your path. A violent stroke will lead to a lot of wasted energy, and a far less pleasant experience.


Balance is another key skill to have when you are mountain biking. Biking on flat ground already requires a fair amount of balance. When you are going downhill, through rocks, or climbing uphill, balance is an even more important skill to utilize. You will be going at extremely fast speeds, and there will be times you are caught off guard. Therefore it is very important to maintain good balance.


As mentioned, a mountain bike trial has various amounts of twists and turns. Turning a corner on a mountain bike is one of the most challenging techniques for bikers to master. The key to turning a corner is to always look ahead. This is an easy skill to gain, but it is also very easy to forget about and slip up. As you look around the corner, turn your head to where you are turning, as it will allow you to have your body follow and smoothly turn a corner.


Climbing is arguably one of the most difficult aspects of mountain biking, making it one of the most important skills to have. When climbing up these hills, obstacles such as rocks will make getting to the top even harder. While this is one of the hardest skills to acquire, a biker who can efficiently climb will likely be one of the more successful.


Pulling the brakes sounds like an easy skill to have. But if you do it at the wrong time, it could end up being quite dangerous. Learning how to properly brake will allow you to feel far more comfortable when on your bike. Braking should be consistent and in control. When pulling the brakes, a good biker will pull his or her hips back, while dropping the heels down and keeping a slight bend in the knees and elbows. This will help the body stay in control and not get too far forward on the bike.


Mountain biking involves a lot of ups and downs, climbing up a steep hill one minute and going downhill the next. Because of this, shifting gears is something a biker does a lot of. Proper shifting habits are crucial for a successful mountain biker. Not only will it save wear and tear on the bike, but it enables the biker to power more efficiently up and down hills. It is important for bikers to watch the road ahead and make a shift before it is too late. This will allow the rider to keep a steady cadence for maximum efficiency, and also prevent awkward shifting that can damage the bike or chain.