Motorcycle Racing

motorcycle racing

Motorcycle racing is a sport where cyclists race on courses. There are several different terrains that racing takes place on such as asphalt, dirt, or grass. The highest and most famous form of racing in the world is "road racing" under MotoGP. The sport is similar to car racing in many ways and holds events across the world.


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What is Motorcycle Racing?

Motorcycle racing is a sport which has competitors race special types of motorcycles. The sport takes place in different environments (off-road and road racing) all across the world. It started at the turn of the 20th century and has grown since then. The biggest highest forms of the sport are seen in MotoGP road racing and Motocross off-road racing.

What are the different types of motorcycle racing?

The main types of racing are off-road and road racing. The most famous off-road motorcycling racing league is Motocross but there are numerous variations. Off-road racing primarily takes place on dirt but can be held on sand, grass, or mud also. Motocross is known for its course's big jumps and unique courses. Road racing is seen in MotoGP and throughout other leagues in the world. It is generally held on closed circuit courses but was traditionally held on closed off public roads.

How much is a racing motorcycle?

Racing motorcycles are hand built, have expensive parts, and use high-end technology. Tires and the bike itself are specially made for racing and creating a lightweight bike. They use different materials than regular motorcycles and races put extreme pressure on the bike. Beside the research and development that goes into the crafting of bikes, bikes can cost around $2 million.

What is the fastest motorcycle race?

The fastest and most dangerous motorcycle race in the world is the Isle of Man TT. The race is held on the Isle of Man, a country in between Ireland and Britain. Since the first race in 1907, it has claimed the lives of 146 riders. Racers regularly reach over 200 miles per hour in the race which helps to make it so dangerous.

Who is the best motorcycle racer?

The greatest motorcycle racer of all time is widely considered to be Giacomo Agostini. He is an Italian racer who tallied a record 122 Grand Prix wins as well as 15 World Championship titles. He raced from 1964 to 1977 and his dominance is comparable to the athletes like Michael Jordan or Babe Ruth. More recently some of the best racers have been Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner, and Jorge Lorenzo.


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