How Does MotoGP Betting Work?

How Does MotoGP Betting Work

Broadly speaking, MotoGP betting can be split up into 2 categories: season long and individual race betting. Within these categories, there are several different scenarios that bettors can place a wager on. These scenarios span from picking the winner of a grand prix event to choosing a team to finish in the top 3 in total points at the end of the season.

Individual Race MotoGP Betting

In the sport of MotoGP, Individual Race betting means bettors can place a wager on a specific outcome they believe will happen in a specific race. This is the most common type of MotoGP betting because it allows novice bettors to enjoy a day long race without having to stick around an entire season.

All a bettor must do is pick a given outcome of a player or team and wait for the result of the race. It is important to note that, although simply picking the winner of the race is most common, there are plenty of other options available on a race by race basis. These include picking a player to place in the top 3, top 5, or even top 10. The benefit of increasing the placement range is that it also increases the probability of the bet paying out, albeit at a lower amount. Bettors looking for a stress free wager with an opportunity for a solid payout, bettors should look for approximately even odds (-110). Ultimately, it all depends on the amount of risk the bettor is willing to take on.

Season Placement MotoGP Betting

Another popular way to bet on MotoGP is through the player/team placement after a full season. Here's how it works: MotoGP awards points to riders throughout the season based on individual race performance. These points are then added up throughout the course of the season, allowing both individuals and teams to rack up points across this time period. For individuals it is called the Rider's Championship, and for teams it is called the Constructors Championship.

There are several factors to consider for this type of betting. The most obvious one is that season long betting takes luck out of the equation. Whether it be a crash, a vehicle malfunction, or just a bad day, even the biggest favorites can perform poorly on any given day. By betting on the season placement of a racer/team, luck is essentially taken out of the equation. As a result, this type of betting allows bettors to show their true knowledge of MotoGP racing.

MotoGP Betting Odds Throughout the Season

A significant portion of the MotoGP betting market takes place through season long team/player placement. It is important to realize that the odds for every player/team will most likely change after each individual race. For example, let's say Marc Marquez begins as a +500 favorite to win the Rider's Championship at the beginning of the season. If Marquez wins his first race, then his odds of winning the Rider's Championship will almost certainly increase to the like of +350, unless he was injured. This distinction is important because it gives people a chance to place wagers on someone even if the season has already started.


Can you bet on MotoGP?

Yes, MotoGP betting is available on most betting outlets, although the specific bets available will vary depending on the event. For example, betting on an individual player to win an event is more commonly available than betting on a season long team placement. Generally speaking, individual race bets are more available than season long bets, but of course, the larger sportsbooks will have both available.

Who will win MotoGP 2020?

The individual betting favorite to win the MotoGP Rider's Championship is none other than Marc Marquez. Marquez is widely viewed as the best MotoGP rider in the sport, so it is no surprise that he has the best odds of winning. In fact, his odds of winning are about -150, which is extraordinarily high for an event with such high variability.

Is MotoGP betting similar to NASCAR betting?

Yes, MotoGP betting is extremely similar to NASCAR betting in a variety of ways. For one, they are both racing sports so the most likely betting outcomes are based on positional finishes in races. Also, they are both sports that have individual and season long point totals. As such, both the respective betting markets allow bettors to place wagers on season long totals in addition to the outcomes of these individual races.

Where can you bet on MotoGP?

MotoGP betting is available at virtually every online sportsbook in addition to in person casinos.