Motocross Equipment List

Motocross Equipment List

Motocross is a dangerous sport, which means that you must have the right equipment before racing against your friends or other opponents. The list below will show you what you need before stepping onto a motocross course. It is more important that you stay safe than win the race, and the equipment mentioned in this list will certainly do the job!

Motocross Equipment

Motocross Equipment

There are many different gear types to compete well in this sport, and it all starts with your uniform. The most protective aspect of motocross equipment will be the uniform that you wear. While your jersey and pants will not provide much padding, things like your helmet, goggles, boots, and knee pads will help you brace for impact if you fall off your bike.

The bike is a vital component to competing in motocross. If you have no bike, you will not be able to race. It is important that your bike does not have any loose screws or is low on fuel because you want to put yourself in the best possible position to finish in first place.


Invented in 1914, the dirt bike was created to take the traditional bike into an off-road setting. The top speed of an average motocross bike is about 93 mph. These bikes have an emphasis on traction and can cost anywhere from $8,000-$12,000. The difference in price does not necessarily relate to quality, as any motocross bike will allow you to compete at a high level.


Boots are very important when it comes to motocross. They come in handy when turning as you slow down, as well as coming to a complete stop. Boots are also very effective at preventing injury and protecting your feet, shins, ankles, and calves. Most boots cost around $100-$150.

Chest Protector

Different than a roost protector, a chest protector mainly helps you avoid injury. Most professional motocross riders choose to use a roost protector, which only deflects rocks and other debris from hitting them while riding. They do this because it is more comfortable and lightweight than a chest protector. If you are a fairly casual rider, you should choose a chest protector, which will cost about $100.

Elbow Guards

Elbow guards protect your arms from any damage you might take during a fall. There are two different types of elbow guards, soft shell or hard shell. Soft shell guards are meant for longer rides, which are more lightweight and give you more room to move around. Hard shell elbow guards are meant for shorter races and serve to protect you from an accident.


In order to enjoy the sport of motocross, you need a bike that runs. In order to make your bike run smoothly, you need racing fuel. You should look into racing specific fuel so that your bike will operate properly while you ride. It costs about $100 for 5 gallons of fuel.

Gear Bag

After buying all of your motocross equipment, you will need a bag to carry it in. A large gear bag will meet most of your needs for storing things like your helmet, jersey, pants, and other padding. Expect to spend between $50 and $100 for a nice sized bag.


Gloves are essential when it comes to handling your bike during a race. They not only provide a good grip on the handlebars, but also prevent injury. Some of the injuries that motocross gloves protect against are blisters, cuts, and burns. A good pair of gloves will cost about $50.


Goggles are essential to motocross because they help you see clearly in all conditions. Things like rain, mud, dust, and rocks can easily throw you off while riding so it's important to either have tear-off or roll-off goggles. Tear-off goggles allow you to tear the protective film off and reveal another layer, making your vision clear again. Roll-off goggles replace dirty films by the pull of a cord. Be prepared to spend about $50-$100 on goggles.

Hand Guards

Hand guards serve two main purposes when it comes to motocross. First, they deflect roost (dirt and rocks) as they fly towards you during a race. This gives you a firm grip on your bike while riding. Secondly, they prevent any major injury during a crash. It helps to keep your hands from getting fractured or crushed if you fall over.


Helmets are the most crucial piece of equipment when doing motocross. It is important to get a full-face helmet, which includes a jaw protector. Most deaths from motocross accidents occur due to the lack of a helmet. The cost of a good helmet is around $200.

Impact Shorts

Impact shorts are similar to a girdle in football. They go under your pants and have heavy padding that will help break your fall. They focus on the thigh, tailbone, and hip areas. They are fairly stretchy and comfortable to wear while riding, making them easy to adjust to.


Motocross jerseys are designed to prevent scratches during collisions. They are mostly made in long sleeve versions and provide some padding to the rider wearing them. Make sure to get a jersey that fits perfectly as a loose jersey will easily get caught or pulled on. Jerseys are often the same color combination as the pants you wear.

Knee Pads

Knee protection is a must in almost every sport. In motocross, custom fitted knee pads are the way to go. This means that they will be comfortable to wear while also being protective. Knee pads in general are sturdy but lightweight. They will cost about $100.

Neck Brace

Neck braces are crucial because they prevent major spinal injuries while riding. The most important part of finding a neck brace is the size. Make sure it fits correctly so that it can provide the most protection possible. A neck brace designed for motocross will cost between $100-$300.

Palm Protectors

Blisters and scratches can affect your riding, which is not always preventable with gloves. Palm protectors can be worn under motocross gloves, providing extra protection and resulting in less vibration. This can help improve your grip along with making your hands more comfortable while riding.


Motocross pants are made of material that does not tear easily, allowing you to move freely without the fear of them ripping. These pants often have leather sections at the knee, where the most friction occurs during a race. Pants and jerseys are often the same color scheme, especially in team races. Pants for motocross will cost you around $100.


Socks are something that everyone wears under their shoes and boots, but in motocross you need more durability. Sports socks are made of thicker material that will keep you steady in your motocross boots and not tear easily. This will keep you comfortable while riding in any race.


Having an extra set of tires is never a bad thing, especially when it comes to a professional sport. Accidents happen, and your bike might need a tire change after the race is over. Motocross tires are designed for rough terrains and have tons of grip. A backup set of tires will cost you about $100-$200.