Top 6 Best Monster Trucks of All Time

best monster trucks of all time

Monster trucks have made for some of the most exciting and spectacular moments in motorsports history. Through wheelies, impossible jumps, and gritty neck-and-neck races, trucks both past and present have shown incredible creativity and competitive spirit. Whether exciting new additions like Megalodon or longtime rivals like Grave Digger and Max-D, the best monster trucks can put on an unforgettable show.  

What are the best Monster Trucks of all time?

  1. Grave Digger
  2. Max-D (Maximum Destruction)
  3. Bigfoot
  4. Megalodon
  5. Mohawk Warrior
  6. El Toro Loco

1. Grave Digger

Grave Digger Monster Truck
  • Face of the Monster Jam brand
  • Phantom-inspired design
  • Won four Monster Jam World Racing Championships  
  • Holds record for highest jump ever with driver Krysten Anderson
  • Currently driven by Adam Anderson, Krysten Anderson, Weston Anderson, Tyler Menninga, and Brandon Vinson 

Grave Digger is the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of the monster truck world, and for a good reason. The phantom-inspired truck is arguably the most historied, accomplished, and forever relevant vehicle, still captivating audiences in the monster truck world since its inception in 1981 by creator David Anderson. Grave Digger would become a pioneer for performance stunts which performed some of the first common tricks like donuts, wheelies, and jumps, collecting Monster Jam championships and immeasurably spectacular moments for the sport along the way. One of the most memorable was Krysten Anderson performing the Guinness World Record highest jump at an astonishing 34 feet in the air, smashing the prior record of 12 feet. Today, Grave Digger is driven by David Anderson’s own children, Adam, Krysten, and Weston Anderson, and teammates Tyler Menninga and Brandon Vinson.

2. Max-D (Maximum Destruction)

Maximum Destruction Max D Monster Truck
  • Debuted in 2003 with driver Tom Meents
  • Won  Monster Jam World Racing Championship six times
  • Won Monster Jam World Freestyle Championship five times
  • Apocalypse inspired design
  • Holds record for longest wheelie ever held at over 58 feet 
  • Currently driven by Tom Meents and Blake Granger

Max-D, formerly known as Maximum Destruction, is one of the most decorated monster trucks of all time and arguably the most striking performer active today. It debuted in 2003 with driver Tom Meents, a 14-time Monster Jam world champion who continues to be one of the most inspirational active veterans on the scene. Its silver, orange, and spike-adorned exterior embodies the truck’s apocalyptic theme and has captivated audiences so well that multiple versions of the truck were made to meet crowd needs. Meents and Max-D have together won an astonishing six Monster Jam World Racing Championships, as well as five Monster Jam World Freestyle Championships. It is currently driven by Meents and Blake Granger. 

3. Bigfoot

  • The first ever monster truck
  • Created and driven by driver Brad Chandler 
  • Gave rise to Monster Jam

Bigfoot was the monster truck that started it all. Created in the 70s out of a Ford pickup truck by Brad Chandler, it was the first-ever monster truck, a pioneer of tricks and performances. Chandler was both a driver and an entrepreneur, performing stunts like driving over cars while showcasing and marketing Bigfoot’s capabilities through taped and live performances. Bigfoot’s popularity would later give rise to the monster truck phenomenon of the 90s when Monster Jam was created. While it is no longer showcased in the Monster Jam events as of the late 90s due to licensing disputes, fans of the monster truck world remember its history with awe and admiration. 

4. Megalodon

  • Design inspired by Jaws
  • Built in 2016, Monster Jam debut in 2017  
  • Holds record for most monster trucks ever jumped by a monster truck 
  • Driven by Bernard Lyght and Cory Rummel 

Megalodon has been one of the most exciting newer additions to the monster truck world. A fan favorite since its splashy 2017 debut under driver Bernard Lyght, the Megalodon is a Jaws-inspired truck known for extremely ambitious jumps. It currently holds the Guinness World Record for most monster trucks (eight) ever jumped by another monster truck. A year after its debut, the Megaladon took home a memorable championship at the 2017 Monster Jam Triple Threat Series Central. In its few years of existence, Megalodon has already seen some of the most accomplished drivers sit behind the wheel, and it is currently driven by Bernard Lyght and Cory Rummel. 

5. Mohawk Warrior

  • Holds record for the fastest speed ever traveled by monster truck at over 100 mph
  • Designed after Cadillac Escalade with a punk rock twist
  • Debuted in 2010 Monster Jam World Finals
  • Driven originally by George Balhan, currently by Bryce Kenny

The Mohawk Warrior is an iconic monster truck famous for its exceptional speed and unique design. Modeled after a Cadillac Escalade with punk rock-inspired touches, the Mohawk Warrior made its debut in the 2010 Monster Jam World Finals. Its signature black mohawk was modeled after the hairstyle of its original driver George Balhan, who was known for his eccentric punk style both personally and in the monster pit in his 2010 to 2016 run as a driver. During that time, Balhan and the Mohawk Warrior set the record for the fastest speed ever traveled by a monster truck, becoming the first to go above 100 miles per hour. Bryce Kenny currently drives Mohawk Warrior. 

6. El Toro Loco

  • Known for daring freestyle performances and iconic bull design
  • Debuted in 2001 under Lupe Soza
  • Won Monster Jam World Finals Championship in 2004
  • Currently driven by Armando Castro, Elvis Lainez, Kraig Champion, and Mark List  

El Toro Loco has been a spectacular mainstay in the monster truck world since its debut in 2001. Driven by Lupe Soza, it began as a remodeled version of the Bulldozer and soon developed its own character, with an orange paint job and 3-D modeled bull horns mounted on the roof. It has participated in every Monster Jam World Finals since 2003 in both racing and freestyle categories, and it took home the championship for freestyle performance in 2004. Its current team of drivers consists of Armando Castro, Elvis Lainez, Kraig Champion, and Mark List. 


What is the best monster truck?

Finding the best monster truck is a subjective question with no one right or wrong answer. As a motorsport that puts spectacle and showmanship above all else, monster truck events first and foremost look to please the crowd, whether through striking designs, daring stunts, or neck-and-neck races. However, the two trucks most widely considered the most impressive and accomplished are rivals Grave Digger and Max-D, which have the most storied yet relevant resumes in the sport.

Who is the best monster truck driver?

Just as choosing the best monster truck is subjective, so is choosing the best monster truck driver. Some might prefer whimsy and creativity in monster truck performances, while others look for aggression and gritty competitiveness. Considering championships, longevity, and boldness, many consider Max-D’s Tom Meents the most accomplished monster truck driver, with an impressive 14 Monster Jam championships to his name. Meents has driven his own vehicle, Max-D, since its creation in 2003 and continues to perform today.

Which monster truck has the most wins?

Max-D has the most wins at Monster Jam events, with an incredible 14 Monster Jam World Championship titles. Under longtime driver Tom Meents, Max-D has made a fearsome and unquestionable mark on the Monster Jam world, including six Monster Jam World Racing Championships and five Monster Jam World Freestyle Championships. Max-D’s only competitor for the record of official Monster Jam wins is Grave Digger, its longtime rival.