How Much Do Monster Jam Tickets Cost?

How Much Do Monster Jam Tickets Cost

Many people enjoy going to Monster Jam events to watch high-powered monster trucks performing exciting and destructive stunts, but how much do Monster Jam tickets cost? As it turns out, Monster Jam tickets come with a wide variety of ticket prices, but in comparison to tickets for other sporting events, they are usually quite affordable. Below, we will look at the different types of Monster Jam events, how seating affects ticket prices, and what one can expect to pay for a Monster Jam ticket.

Types of Monster Jam Events

Before considering the cost of Monster Jam tickets, it is important to know exactly what to expect from the Monster Jam event you plan to attend, as a wide array of activities occur at a Monster Jam performance. While the massive monster truck races and stunts are the primary draw of Monster Jam events, most Monster Jam performances feature more than just monster trucks. In fact, in a typical Monster Jam show, there can be up to seven different events, each with different vehicles and challenges. Aside from monster trucks, Monster Jam also puts on shows involving speedsters and ATVs. These vehicles participate in races and stunt performances, often as preliminary events before the emergence of the monster trucks themselves.

A standard Monster Jam event will include a variety of activities performed by all of the different vehicles. Speedsters, ATVs, and monster trucks will all engage in multiple competitions broken down into categories such as racing and freestyle. Racing events are very straightforward and involve vehicles facing each other in bracket-style competitions on a dirt track, with the winner advancing to the next round. Freestyle events–as implied by their name–involve truck or vehicle drivers performing tricks and stunts on an obstacle-filled course.

Most Monster Jam shows will involve a variety of events and vehicles on the same day, both races and freestyle. However, for larger events, such as the Monster Jam World Finals, events are often separated by day, with the racing events occurring on the first day and the freestyle on the second. Therefore, it is important to know which event one will be going to before buying tickets. Regular Monster Jam events will have standard pricing, while bigger events may cost more.

Seating at Monster Jam Events

Another factor that can impact Monster Jam ticket costs is seating. Monster Jam events typically take place in large arenas, and ticket prices can vary based on where one is sitting in the stadium. Generally, the most valuable seats at a Monster Jam event are thought to be those in the lower levels and those closest to the center of the arena surface. While these seats offer the closest views of the track, they are likely to be more expensive, and they will also be much closer to the loud noises and flying dirt of the trucks. Upper-level seats offer a wider view of the stadium, less noise, and likely less cost, but they don’t offer quite as much of an immersive experience.

Monster Jam Tickets Cost

With all of these factors in mind, it is time to examine how much Monster Jam tickets cost. In comparison to other sporting events, Monster Jam tickets are fairly inexpensive, and for certain events and seats, prices can go as low as $20-30. In general, average ticket prices for Monster Jam events can hover somewhere around $50 on the low end, with a high end average of around $150. Thus, when planning to attend a Monster Jam event, one should expect to pay about $100 per ticket, though looking for cheaper deals is an option.

Tickets for high-profile Monster Jam events, such as the Monster Jam World Finals, are naturally more expensive than normal Monster Jam tickets. For the World Finals, an average ticket will cost somewhere around $132 on average, but prices can go much higher than that. It is also important to keep in mind that the Monster Jam World Finals take place over two days, meaning that ticket prices may vary depending upon whether the tickets are for one or both days of the competition.


For families and spectators with a desire for excitement, speed, and high-octane action, Monster Jam represents a decently affordable outing. Of course, before buying tickets to any Monster Jam event, it is important to look at all the factors we have described above to see which event best fits one’s desires for a day of entertainment.