What Are The Best Seats At A UFC Fight?

What Are The Best Seats At A UFC Fight

UFC is an exciting sport to watch, even more so in person. If you’re going to attend a UFC event, you’ll need to know the best seats to pick. While there are many different arenas worldwide, the seating structure is similar at each venue.

The large difference between arenas is their size. This can affect your seating choice because, in some smaller arenas, the upper tier seating may be much closer to the octagon than the upper tier seating in a large arena. In the center of the arena is the octagon and around the octagon is the lower floor. Moving away from the lower floor is the middle tier seating, followed by the upper tier seating.

While the lower floor may seem like the best place to sit, this is not always the case. The lower floor is closest to the action, but it might be crowded with people obstructing your view. The middle and upper tiers often provide the best view of the octagon from above. Each location has its advantages and disadvantages.

Lower Floor

The lower floor is the closest to the action, and there are often celebrities and other pro fighters sitting here. You can even get cage-side seats if you have a VIP pass. Cage-side seating is the best seating in the entire arena. You are closest to the action, and no one is blocking your view into the cage. However, these tickets are expensive and extremely hard to acquire. They are often held for special guests, important fighters, or the family members of the people who are fighting

On the lower floor, the further you are away from the octagon, the harder it will be to see the action. You will have to look over other people in front of you, not to mention the camera operators on the walls of the octagon. During the fight, the camera operators will be capturing the action up close. They may block your view of the fight if you sit on the ground level. Sitting further back on the ground level could potentially leave you looking at the big screen to get a better view of the fight.

Middle Tier

The middle tier is farther back than the ground level. However, it is raised so you can see above the heads of those in front of you. This gives you a better view above the cage walls than the ground level, and you will also be able to see the big screen more easily. Having a good view of the big screen is important because the camera operators will block your line of sight at times. The middle tier is the best of both worlds between the lower floor and the upper tier. You can still remain close to the action, yet it gives you a better view because you’re elevated above the octagon.

Within the middle tier, the seats towards the top of this section are the best. They provide you with the most height above the octagon, allowing you to see inside without obstruction. This section of seating within the middle tier can be considered the best seats at a UFC event, and they usually sell out the fastest. The seats at the bottom of the middle tier are also highly desirable. They are more affordable than the top of this tier and closer to the cage.

Upper Tier

The upper tier is the furthest away from the action. These seats are also the highest in the entire arena. Since this section is up high, it will give you the clearest view of the octagon. By sitting in this section, you will not have to deal with obstructions such as the camera operators or other people in front of you. However, because this section of seating is far away, it will make viewing the octagon and the fighters inside of the cage more difficult.

Unless you have incredible vision, sitting in the upper tier may leave you to be looking at the big screen more than the physical event. Although this is the downfall of this section, it does make these seats significantly more affordable. You will not have to break the bank to see your favorite fighters in person. In this section, you are still experiencing a live UFC event with an electric atmosphere, and you will still have easy access to all of the food and drinks sold at the event.