2023 NCAA Tournament Printable Bracket

March Madness is upon us, which means it's time to fill out brackets! You can print and fill out predictions for this year's NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Men’s Bracket: Here is our printable 2023 Men’s March Madness Bracket.

2023 NCAA Mens March Madness Tournament Bracket

Women’s Bracket: Here is our printable 2023 Women's March Madness Bracket.

2023 NCAA Womens March Madness Tournament Bracket

2023 NCAA Tournament Bracket

The 2023 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament starts with Selection Sunday on March 12 and concludes with the National Championship on Monday, April 3. After the teams are selected on Selection Sunday, the bracket will be set and fans can start making their predictions for the tournament.

Men’s March Madness: Print your 2023 Men's March Madness bracket here.

Women’s March MadnessPrint your 2023 Women’s March Madness bracket here.

March Madness Schedule

Below is the Men's March Madness Schedule:

Below is the Women’s March Madness Schedule:

How Do March Madness Brackets Work?

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament features 68 teams in a single-elimination bracket. Sixty of those teams will automatically qualify for the first round, while the remaining eight teams will play one play-in game to make it to the first round. This round is called the First Four.

Once the First Four is completed and the final 64-team bracket is set, teams play games within their region. Teams move one game closer to the National Championship with a win and are eliminated with a loss.

Filling out a March Madness bracket involves picking a winner in each matchup in the tournament, for every game from the First Four to the National Championship. Participants fill out the team names that they think will win, moving them closer and closer to the middle of the bracket, the National Championship.

Tips For Filling Out Your Bracket

  • Start by picking winners of the First Four and First Round games. While early upsets do happen, they are rare, so be cautious with how many underdogs you pick.
  • While you inevitably want to trust your gut in the end, do your best to research teams and their strengths before filling out your bracket.
  • Try to identify dark horse teams. Dark horses are those teams that perform well above expectations. Identifying these teams will gain you a huge advantage in bracket competitions.
  • Make sure that your Elite Eight and Final Four are not filled with underdogs. These rounds are typically full of 1-4 seeds.
  • Be sure to fill out every matchup; missing picks will lose you points!


What is a March Madness bracket?

A March Madness bracket is a visual representation of the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Tournament, which shows each team’s path to the National Championship. Fans, both casual and hardcore, fill out brackets each year featuring their predictions for who will win each matchup.

How do you fill out a March Madness bracket?

Filling out a March Madness bracket is easy! Start by printing out a bracket or signing up for an online bracket website. From there, simply pick the winner of each matchup in each round, and write that team’s name on the connecting line. There are a total of 67 games to predict in a March Madness bracket, so you will need to pick from the First Four all the way to the National Championship. At the end, tally up how many matchups you predicted correctly or incorrectly, most importantly the National Champion.