Long jump

long jump

What is the long jump?

The long jump dates back to the original Greek Olympics. It has stayed a part of the Olympics since then, and has always been a popular event. The simple nature of the event makes it easy to practice anywhere, and it is a part of most track and field meets.

In the event, runners try to jump as far as possible. Athletes begin by running along a runway, and then jump from the end of the runway into a pit of sand. Their jump is measured as the shortest distance from the runway that they touch after landing. Because of this rule, runners have to be careful not to fall backwards after they land.

At most events, runners will have three attempts. Only their best score is counted. After each runner takes all their attempts, the 8 runners with the best scores advance. In some leagues and tournaments, the number of runners who advance to the second round is different from 8. In the second round, each runner gets three more attempts. At the end of the second round, the runner with the best score is the winner.

A judge is in charge of identifying any infractions of the rules, and measuring the distance of the jumps.

Long jump athletes must have many skills. These athletes must be good jumpers, which requires a lot of weight training and jumping exercises. One lesser known part of a long jumpers training is endurance training. These athletes have to take up to six attempts per competition. Since they sprint down the runway for each attempt, they must have great endurance to continuously reach top speed.

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