What is Laser Tag?

laser tag

Laser tag is a popular sport that consists of at least two players, but can include as many players as desired. The game’s goal is to shoot opponents with a laser gun as many times as possible, while avoiding being hit by competitors. It is a game that all ages can enjoy playing.


The start of laser tag dates back to the 1970s when the first laser tag gun was invented. It was created as a toy for kids to use, using infrared beams of light to disable an opponent’s gun. The next advancement of laser tag technology was in military training. The U.S army would use this technology to help train soldiers.

In 1982, George A. Carter III created the laser tag score arena game. His inspiration was from the movie Star Wars. Later in 1984, he opened his first location for the game in Dallas, Texas. After George opened his first location, the idea of a scored arena game of laser tag grew rapidly and became a well-known game for children.

How To Play

How To Play Laser Tag

Laser tag is a game that many people play throughout their childhood. It requires at least two players, but there is no limit to how many can play.

In the beginning of a laser tag match each team will begin on different sides of the laser tag course. Typically the teams will have a few minutes before the match to strategize and come up with a plan. Each match typically lasts anywhere from a few minutes to over 15 minutes.

Each player wears a vest with sensors on the front and back. Additionally, each player will have a gun that is connected to the vest they are wearing. You can shoot other players by aiming your gun at opponents' sensors on their vest and pressing the trigger on the gun. Once a player is shot, they cannot be shot  or shoot other players for a few seconds afterwards.

Laser Tag Equipment

Laser Tag Equipment

Laser tag does not require a ton of equipment, all you need is a vest with sensors and a laser gun. The sensors on the vests are what players will point at to shoot their opponents and earn points.

Here is the essential laser tag equipment you should have:

  • Close-toed shoes: A shoe where the front is closed, and has no opening.
  • Laser tag gun: A recreational gun that shoots a beam of light when the trigger is pulled.
  • Laser tag vest: A vest worn during laser tag that alerts players when a player shoots their vest with their laser tag gun.


In a laser tag match, each player shoots as many of their opponents as possible. Each time a player accurately shoots their opponent, they score points. The points at the end are totaled and each player’s total points are added to their team’s score. At the end of the match, the team that has the most points wins.

Rules and Regulations

Laser Tag Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations are important to follow to make sure everyone is safe and to ensure all players have the same advantages and disadvantages. If you are interested in learning the rules set by most laser tag locations, here are some to know:

  • Players should not make physical contact with other players
  • Players should not cover the sensors on their vest
  • Players should make sure to not point the laser gun at a player’s eyes
  • Players should not be running on the laser tag course due to potential injuries


Laser tag strategies are important to increase a player's chance of success. Here are the essential laser tag strategies you should know:

Keeping a low profile is important. Find a hiding place and get in the best possible position to shoot opponents. Try to move as fast as possible, in short bursts, from one spot to the next.

Try to be precise when shooting. If you happen to miss your opponent, they could end up shooting you instead.

Become familiar with the layout of the room. This will help you understand the best spots to hide and places where you can easily be shot.

Stick with other members of your team. By being with other team members, you are able to protect yourself and them. If you get shot, you will have a team member with you that will be able to shoot that opponent.


Laser Tag Lingo

Here is the common lingo and slang in laser tag:

  • Arena: Where the laser tag game takes place.
  • Dead: A player that is out of lives.
  • Dink: The sound that confirms a shot.
  • Dong: The sound that occurs when a player is shot by a teammate.
  • Double Tag: When a player gets shot, then shot again before their defense shields start.
  • Friendly Fire: When someone shoots their teammate.
  • Game Per Hour: The number of games a laser tag center will have each hour.
  • Tag: When a player’s sensor on their vest goes off due to being shot by an opponent.


Is laser tag safe?

Yes, laser tag is safe. The laser beam shot out of the gun should not harm your eyes or vision.

What is the best clothing to wear?

Wear something dark colored, comfortable, and easy to move in.

Can I get my teammates out?

Typically, at most laser tag places you are unable to get yourself and teammates out.