What Are The Lines On A Lacrosse Field?

Welcome to the sport of lacrosse. We’ll start by learning about the basics of the field. Below is a picture of the lacrosse field.

The surface of an outdoor lacrosse field is made of grass or artificial turf. Indoor lacrosse is played on artificial turf. Cones or pylons are placed at each corner of the field and at the midfield line just outside of the sideline.

Every lacrosse field has four main lines:

  1. End line
  2. Sideline
  3. Midfield line
  4. Restraining line

Boundary Lines

Lacrosse Boundary Lines

The boundary lines of the lacrosse field are made up of the end lines and sidelines and determine when a player is in-bounds and out-of-bounds. When the ball crosses over the end line or sideline or a player touches the line with their feet, the official will blow the whistle signal that play is out-of-bounds. When the game was originally invented and long into the modern era, lacrosse was played with “soft” boundary lines. 

The Crease

Lacrosse Crease

In addition, lacrosse fields also have a goal crease for each team that is used to dictate scoring rules in the game. The goal apparatus is situated inside the crease, which is delineated by a circle that is nine feet across. The goaltender protects the goal inside the crease, and attacking players are not allowed inside the crease area with the exception of a scoring chance known as a dive. Players are allowed to move and pass the ball behind the crease.


There are a few locations of interest on a lacrosse field you should know called the hole, the x, the box, and the GLE. These spots on the field are used during various rules and aspects of the game. They are also great shooting and passing locations that are optimal for any offense.

Play begins in the center of the field on the midfield line inside the face-off or draw circle. Teams start on opposite sides of the field, and a certain number of players from each team must remain behind the restraining line in their respective offensive or defensive end.

Player Positions

Lacrosse Player Positions

The lacrosse field is divided into three main areas - the attack area or critical scoring area, the midfield and the defensive area. In men’s field lacrosse, three attackmen play in the attack area, three midfielders play in the midfield area and three defensemen play in the defensive area. Midfielders will transition throughout all three sections of the field. In women’s lacrosse, four attackers play in the attack area, three midfielders play in the midfield area and three defenders play in the defensive area. The goaltenders remain in the defensive area close to the crease.

Sideline Area

Lacrosse Substitution area

The out-of-bounds area on one side of the field includes several important areas. The penalty box and substitution box see lots of activity throughout the game, with players running through the substitution box to exchange with a teammate or serving time in the penalty box for a rules violation. Coaches and members of the team who are not on the starting roster stand on opposite sides of the midfield line extended. The timekeeper, scorekeeper and other game volunteers sit at a table at the midfield line extended behind the substitution area and penalty box.