Lacrosse Tape

Lacrosse Tape

When running down the field with the ball, the last thing a lacrosse player wants is their stick sliding out of their hand. To alleviate this problem, lacrosse players use tape to give their stick more grip that allows them to control accuracy when passing or shooting the ball.

What is tape used for in lacrosse?

While tape is not a necessity when playing lacrosse, it has the ability to improve performance on the field and make or break a player’s chance to score. Lacrosse sticks can be slippery, as players hold the shaft through gloves and will occasionally be faced with playing in the rain. To counter this issue, lacrosse players use tape on their sticks in a variety of ways that make it easier to handle and, in turn, easier to pass and shoot.

There is no universal way of taping a lacrosse stick, and it mostly comes down to personal preference. Extra grip is the number one reason players tape their sticks, but some do it out of habit as a pregame ritual that gets them in the zone and ready to compete.

Things To Consider

When looking for lacrosse tape, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What type of stick tape do you want?
  • How much do you want to spend on lacrosse tape?
  • What size lacrosse tape do you want?
  • Do you have a favorite color or pattern?


Lacrosse sticks can be taped in multiple ways with different types of tape, all of them yielding slightly different results based on the way the tape is applied to the shaft.

Athletic Tape

Lacrosse Athletic Tape

Athletic tape is a good starting point for beginners who are mostly using tape as a marker to remember where to place their hands. The extra grip it provides is relatively average, but it is cheaper than most alternatives. 

Grip Tape

 Lacrosse Grip Tape

Grip tape’s water resistance makes this the best to use when weather conditions are less than ideal, but it is also very lightweight. The lightweight, cushiony tape gives a softer feel on the stick, however, grip tape is not as long lasting as other tapes on the market.  

Lacrosse Wrap

Lacrosse Wrap

Lacrosse wraps are for those looking to spice up their style on the field. Coming in a variety of different colors and styles, lacrosse wraps provide a sturdy grip even through the player’s gloves. However, wraps are much heavier than other tapes and make for a much different feel for a player’s stick. 


Lacrosse type is predominantly made with a combination of these three materials that together, make for a durable, flexible feel with plenty of extra grip.

  • Cotton Cloth: Cotton is lightweight, breathable, and long-lasting making it a solid choice for taping your lacrosse stick.
  • Polyethylene: Polyethylene is durable, with water-resistant qualities for outdoor lacrosse usage.
  • Polyurethane: Polyethylene is a tough plastic able to withstand wear and tear, and will ensure you won’t have to retape your stick for a long time.


Many brands attempt to put out high-quality lacrosse tape, but these three are the industry leaders that never fail to impress.  

  • A&R: A&R provide reliable lacrosse materials across the country, including their lacrosse tape that is guaranteed to last multiple games
  • Lizard Skins: Lizard Skins combine looks with performance to create lacrosse wraps that are stylish with a strong grip. 
  • StringKing: StringKing changed the game with their easy to apply pre-cut tape that simplifies the taping process and allows for customizable tape jobs. 


When purchasing lacrosse tape, players should do their research regarding durability, cost, and size to make sure they are getting their money’s worth.


Durability in lacrosse tape depends on each player’s personal preference, but some tapes last longer than others. Cotton cloth athletic tape is often perceived as one of the longest-lasting lacrosse tapes, but this all depends on how well a player tapes their stick. Some players re-tape their stick every game as part of a pregame routine, while others prefer to wait as long as possible between tape jobs. However, for the most long-lasting tape, look to the more reputable brands as opposed to cheaper alternatives.


Lacrosse tape can range in price from around $4.00 to $12.00 per roll depending on what type of tape is purchased. Regular athletic tape is typically on the cheaper side, while reputable brands like Lizard Skins are a bit more expensive. While athletic tape does the job well for cheap, some players prefer a more outgoing look for their stick.

Skill Level

More often than not, a player's skill level can factor into what tape they should purchase. Youth players should stick to cheaper options like athletic tape that will allow for written instructions on hand placement, while more experienced players can figure out the nuances lighter and heavier tape jobs have on their performance.


What is the best way to tape your stick?

There are a few ways to tape your stick, and choosing the correct way comes down to personal preference. With all of the variations, it is important to start from the bottom up and spiral the tape tight around the shaft to ensure no gaps or air bubbles pop up. Once you have worked your way back to the bottom, tape over the butt end of the stick to ensure it remains in place. 

Why do lacrosse players tape their sticks?

Lacrosse players tape their sticks to get more grip on the shaft when running up and down the field. Lacrosse sticks can get slippery, especially when playing in rain, so it is important to tape your stick so you can get more grip when passing, shooting, or taking a face off.

What are the benefits of taping your lacrosse stick?

Players that tape their lacrosse sticks often see an increase in stickhandling skills, plus increased passing and shooting skills. When handling the stick through a pair of gloves, it can frequently become slippery and hard to handle. With lacrosse tape, however, players can get a better grip on the shaft which will improve all facets of their game.