Lacrosse Shorts

Lacrosse Shorts

One of the main parts of a lacrosse uniform are the shorts, which are worn by both male and female players. Lacrosse shorts give athletes the ability to run freely and stay comfortable, which are key in a sport where athletes will do a significant amount of running.

What are lacrosse shorts used for?

Lacrosse shorts are worn by both male and female lacrosse players, but many female players also wear lacrosse skirts. Shorts or skirts both give players the ability to move their legs quickly while staying comfortable and cool during games and practices. It has been reported that lacrosse players run between three to five miles during an average game, depending on what position they play. Shorts are great for lacrosse because they are not restrictive, can be worn at different lengths, and allow players to run freely. 

Lacrosse season is typically in the spring or summer so keeping cool is very important, especially while doing so much running. Wearing shorts allows athletes to keep their legs cool without being restricted. Athletes can choose to wear leggings under their shorts, but most lacrosse teams will have shorts as part of their uniforms.

Things To Consider

When looking for lacrosse shorts, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What size shorts do you need?
  • How much are you willing to spend on shorts?
  • Does your team uniform have a certain type of shorts?
  • Does your team uniform have a certain color your shorts should be?
  • How many pairs of lacrosse shorts should you own?

What are you looking for in lacrosse shorts?

  • To play men’s lacrosse
  • To play women’s lacrosse
  • To be as comfortable as possible
  • To uphold lacrosse traditions
  • To wear in a game
  • To wear at practices


There are a few different types of lacrosse shorts; men’s shorts are typically similar in style, length, and material to basketball shorts, while women’s lacrosse shorts are typically shorter in length. Female lacrosse players also often wear skirts instead of shorts, which are also typically shorter in length.

Men’s Lacrosse Shorts

Men’s lacrosse shorts are worn by all male lacrosse players during games and practices. Men’s lacrosse shorts are very similar in size and material to basketball and regular athletic shorts. One difference between lacrosse shorts and regular athletic shorts is that lacrosse shorts can sometimes have bold designs on them. Shorts worn as part of a uniform will typically feature team colors/logos only, but casual lacrosse shorts can also be found with some unique designs on them.

Women’s Lacrosse Shorts

Women’s lacrosse shorts are shorter than men’s shorts and are typically worn higher over the waist. It was extremely common for female lacrosse players to wear skirts or skorts until Northwestern University’s team began wearing shorts in 2008. Wearing shorts allows female players to run freely with no restrictions. Many women’s teams wear shorts, but they also have the option of wearing skirts.

Women’s Lacrosse Skirts

Lacrosse skirts are specific to women’s lacrosse. Wearing skirts has long been the tradition in women’s lacrosse, but it is not uncommon for athletes to prefer wearing shorts. Oftentimes a skirt can ride up while trying to run and maneuver down the field, so some athletes are more comfortable wearing shorts, while others do not have a preference. These skirts are typically similar in length to women’s lacrosse shorts, but have been worn for a much longer period of time in the game of lacrosse.


Lacrosse shorts can be made from a variety of materials. Some of the most common materials for lacrosse shorts are cotton, poly-mesh, and polyester. Each of these materials has its own benefits and different athletes will have different preferences based on what is comfortable for them.

  • Cotton: Cotton shorts are extremely popular and are favored by most people because they are warm, breathable, and comfortable. They are stretchy and offer flexibility while running and playing lacrosse.
  • Poly-Mesh: Poly-Mesh is constructed with an open hole structure and made through a knitting process. Poly-Mesh is an extremely popular material for athletic wear and is an ideal material to use for water resistant products.
  • Polyester: Polyester might not be the first choice for many lacrosse players when it comes to shorts because it is hydrophobic, meaning that it does not absorb perspiration or other fluids.


There are many different athletic brands that make and sell lacrosse shorts. Some of the most popular brands athletes wear are Nike, Adidas, and Champion. What brand you wear comes down to personal preference in style and comfort.


Champion is a popular and affordable brand to wear when buying lacrosse shorts. Champion invented the first mesh athletic shorts that are great for playing lacrosse. Their mesh material gives the shorts a breathable and very light feel that keeps athletes cool on the field. They offer nine inch shorts which are perfect for men’s lacrosse. 


Nike makes shorts for both men’s and women’s lacrosse players and continues to be one of the largest names in sportswear. Nike’s shorts are great for lacrosse players, as they are lightweight and have an elastic waistband with an adjustable drawcord.


Adidas has a solidified place in the sports world as one of the top places to go for sportswear, and this is no different when it comes to lacrosse shorts. Adidas makes lightweight shorts that are great for mobility, feel, and performance. Picking Adidas over other brands comes down to personal preference, as most companies will make their men’s and women’s lacrosse shorts the same length and have a wide variety of colors available.


How much do lacrosse shorts cost?

Lacrosse shorts will cost anywhere from $20-$50 depending on what brand you choose, the style you want, and what size you wear. Typically, adult sizes will cost more than youth sizes, while price also increases when custom designs are added on to the shorts. Brands such as Champion offer cheaper options for shorts, while Nike will have more expensive choices. 

What are the kinds of lacrosse shorts?

Lacrosse shorts are made in men’s and women’s styles. For men there is really only one kind of lacrosse shorts, which resemble regular athletic shorts. They will often be nine inches long and are made for youth and adult sizes. Women’s lacrosse shorts are made for both adults and youth as well, but are much shorter in length than men’s shorts. Women also have the option of wearing a lacrosse skirt that is the same length as lacrosse shorts. That being said, more often than not team leadership decides whether women lacrosse players will wear shorts or skirts on any given day.

How do you know what size lacrosse shorts you need?

If you know what size athletic shorts you wear, you can safely assume that that size will work for you when buying lacrosse shorts. This is because of the similarities between lacrosse shorts and athletic shorts. Being comfortable and fitting tight around the waist are key when looking for lacrosse shorts. Taller people may look for large sizes, while younger players and shorter people can look at small or medium sizes. Fit is important, but it is also just as important to be comfortable, because athletes will be doing lots of running in their lacrosse shorts.