Lacrosse Shooting Strings

Lacrosse Shooting Strings

In a lacrosse stick, shooting strings are featured in almost every type of stringing. While some players may choose to play without shooting strings, they usually are used to help the player with their specific shooting preferences. There is a lot to learn about the different types of lacrosse shooting strings.

What are shooting strings used for in lacrosse?

Shooting strings have a few different uses in lacrosse. Each player can customize their stick with different shooting string styles in order to change different aspects about the stringing. Different factors such as shooting, passing, and cradling can be affected by the use of different shooting strings. Shooting strings are not required, and some players choose to go without them altogether. 

Shooting strings help the mesh grab the ball better and produce more whip when shooting. Typically, the strings near the base of the mesh should be looser while the ones at the top are tighter. Each player can choose their own number of shooting strings, type of string, and how tight they are.

Things To Consider

When looking for shooting strings, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What material of shooting strings do you prefer?
  • What style of shooting strings do you want on your mesh?
  • How much do you want to spend on shooting strings?
  • How do you weave the shooting strings into the mesh?


The main types of shooting strings are rolled and straight weaved.


Lacrosse Shooting Strings Rolled

Rolled shooting strings are the less common variation of shooting strings. They are used by lacrosse players that want to have the ball roll off of the stick more when shooting. They have less tension than straight weave strings.

Straight Weaved

Lacrosse Shooting Strings Straight Weaved

Straight weaved shooting strings are more commonly used than rolled shooting strings. They are much easier to adjust than rolled strings and can provide a better feel. These strings offer more whip and can provide a better overall structure.


The most common materials used in lacrosse shooting strings are cotton, hockey lace and synthetic.

  • Cotton: Cotton is usually the most common material used in shooting strings. This material is not as durable as others but provides the most feel.
  • Hockey Lace: Hockey lace is another material that some lacrosse players use for shooting strings. They are very easy to put on and adjust.
  • Synthetic: Synthetic shooting strings are usually made out of materials such as nylon or polyester. However, these strings are the best for traditional style stringing as opposed to hard or soft mesh.


The most popular brands that produce shooting strings are East Coast Dyes, StringKing, and Universal Lacrosse.

  • East Coast Dyes: East Coast Dyes specializes in making lacrosse equipment. They make mostly synthetic shooting strings in a variety of colors.
  • StringKing: StringKing makes select equipment for lacrosse, baseball, and ice hockey. Their strings are made of a cotton/polyester blend and emphasize feel and accuracy.
  • Universal Lacrosse: Universal Lacrosse is a lacrosse retailer. They make their own shooting strings while also selling ones from other brands as well.


When deciding which shooting string to buy, always consider the durability, cost, and sizes.


Most shooting strings will last a long time. They may need to be adjusted every now and then, but the strings should last a similar amount of time as the mesh. Cotton strings will typically last the least amount of time, as they are more prone to fraying or loosening.


Most types of shooting string will cost $1-2 per string. Ones that have a variety of colors or higher quality materials will usually cost a little bit more. However, most types of shooting strings will cost relatively the same price. Buying in bulk will often help lower the cost.


Lacrosse shooting strings can come in a variety of different lengths. They usually will range anywhere from 24” to 36”. Always make sure to check the length of the shooting strings before buying in order to make sure it is the desired length.


How much do shooting strings cost?

Shooting strings will usually cost under $2. Most materials and different types will cost relatively the same. Having a wide variety of colors and longer strings will usually cost a little more.

What are the kinds of shooting strings?

There are two types of shooting strings. Straight weaved strings provide more feel and tension within the pocket. This style provides more whip and control. Rolled shooting strings allow the player to release the ball smoothly when shooting and have a looser feel.

How do you lace shooting strings?

Shooting strings are always the last string to be laced on a lacrosse stick. They must start at the sidewall and weave through the mesh in the desired shape and pattern. Once it has reached the opposite sidewall, do the same going the opposite way.