Lacrosse Pads List

Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

The shoulder pads in lacrosse are the piece of equipment that players wear to protect themselves from injury to the back and shoulders. The shoulder pads cover both shoulders, the back and the chest, and are cut off right below the chest. The main goal in wearing shoulder pads is to protect the collar bone from heavy checks on the shoulder. The shoulder pads have strong plastic shoulder plates, and a hard plastic back plate, with soft padding along the rest of it.Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Lacrosse Arm Pads and Arm Guards

The arm ads in lacrosse are the pieces of equipment that protect the elbow and forearm from injury. The arm pads extend from a players forearm up to their bicep and around the elbow. The outside of the arm pad is protected by a layer of thick foam padding and the elbow has an extra hard plastic cap that increases protection in that area. On the inside of the arm is a thin mesh material that allows for the pads to have flexibility and mobility. The size of the arm pad is the players choice, but offensive players tend to have larger pads to block checks, and defensive players tend to have smaller pads to have a larger range of motion.

Lacrosse Rib Pads

The rib pads in lacrosse are an optional piece of equipment that players can wear to protect their ribs from injury. Rip pads contain a sheet of hard plastic or metal that is covered with a thin sheet of mesh that goes under the shoulder pads and wraps around the player’s ribs. Players are not required to wear this piece of equipment but they have the option if they so choose.

Lacrosse Cup Protector

The cup protector in lacrosse is a piece of equipment that protects the player’s groin area from injury. This is a vital piece of equipment that all players are required to wear, and it protects players from extreme injury. This is a piece of hard plastic that slips into compression shorts and holds the cup upright and not moving. Some cups have an extra protective piece of metal attached to the outer layer of the cup to add for extra protection.

Lacrosse Goalie Throat Protector

The goalie throat protector in lacrosse is an attachable piece of plastic that clips onto goalie helmets, in order to protect the goalie’s necks from injury. The neck protector attaches to the bottom of the helmet and extends down to hang over the neck of the goalie. The goalie is the only person who is required to wear this, and its vital for them, because it can save themselves from the intense shot speeds of the hard lacrosse balls.

Chest Protector

The chest protector in lacrosse is the piece of equipment that goalies wear, to protect themselves from getting hit in the stomach with the lacrosse ball and sustaining injury. The chest protector is constructed of a long sheet of pads that extends from the player’s chest down to covering over their groin area. Goalies can wear normal shoulder pads on top of the chest protector, or wear just the chest protector. At the higher level, goalies will only wear the chest protector to increase mobility and speed.