Lacrosse Mesh

Lacrosse Mesh

Lacrosse mesh is a critical piece of equipment needed for the head of a lacrosse stick to be able to make passes, shoot, handle the ball, and much more. Below are introductions to the types, brands, materials, and considerations for lacrosse mesh.

What is lacrosse mesh used for?

Lacrosse mesh is the piece of material that creates the pocket in the head of a lacrosse stick. It holds the ball in place, allowing players to shoot, pass, cradle, and run with the ball. Lacrosse mesh is made from nylon, a waterproof material that can withstand the wear and tear of the game. The additional strings for sidewall are also made of nylon, and will help attach the mesh to the sides of the head.

Lacrosse heads can be purchased pre-strung, but typically will need to be purchased along with a mesh kit or strings to install in the head. Most meshes can be stretched to fit almost any size lacrosse head, with the exception of goalie heads.

Things To Consider

When looking for lacrosse mesh, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What kind of mesh do you want for your stick?
  • What position do you play?
  • How much do you want to spend on lacrosse mesh?
  • What material do you want your mesh to be made of?
  • What type of pocket do you want?


In the game of lacrosse, there are three primary types of mesh: hard, soft, and traditional.

Hard Mesh

Hard mesh is one of the most popular types of mesh used in lacrosse. Hard mesh holds the ball in one spot in the pocket, resulting in more accuracy and preventing the ball from moving around while cradling. It also allows for harder passes and shots. Hard mesh is the most durable form of lacrosse mesh because the pocket shape will stay consistent and handle better in the rain.

Soft Mesh

Soft mesh is another common type of mesh used in lacrosse. Soft mesh is easier to string up than hard mesh and gives a better feel for the ball. This means players will have a better sense of the position of the ball and its movements in the pocket.


Traditional pockets are the original method for stringing lacrosse heads, but have become far less popular in modern lacrosse. When strung properly, traditional mesh allows for better control of the ball in the pocket. When cradling the lacrosse stick, the ball has a soft resting place. Traditional mesh also gives you a good feel when you release the ball on a shot or pass.


Many brands specialize in creating lacrosse gear, including mesh. Specifically, the three most common lacrosse mesh brands are East Coast Dyes, StringKing, and STX.

East Coast Dyes

East Coast Dyes is one of the premier lacrosse equipment manufacturers. They sell hard, soft, semi-soft, and semi-hard lacrosse meshes in both kits and standalone strings. East Coast Dyes sells lacrosse meshes for all different age groups and positions.


StringKing is a high-end lacrosse equipment manufacturer and is also the official equipment supplier of the National Lacrosse League. StringKing sells five different types of lacrosse meshes focused on quality and consistent performance.


STX is another major equipment manufacturer that specializes in lacrosse and hockey. Their meshes come in both hard, soft, semi-hard, and semi-soft types for both goalies and field players in adult and youth sizes.


When looking for lacrosse mesh you’ll want to consider the mesh’s durability, cost, and size.


Different types of lacrosse mesh have varying levels of durability. Theoretically, lacrosse mesh can last however long you want it to, but it is best to replace it at least once a season for consistent shots and passes. Hard mesh is the most durable, as it can better withstand rain and typical wear from extended use. When looking for a durable mesh kit, you want to look out for the brand, type, country of origin, and price.


The cost of lacrosse mesh can vary depending on the diamond designs, color set, and kit. Mesh kits can cost as low as $10-20 for more basic ones, but up to $40 for more advanced sets. You want to buy a mesh kit that best fits your lacrosse stick and your spending range.


Lacrosse mesh comes in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes. Goalie sticks will need a different mesh than field players. You want to choose a mesh that matches your competition level and the head of your lacrosse stick. Most mesh is capable of being stretched to fit the size of your lacrosse head.


How much does lacrosse mesh cost?

Hard and soft types of meshes are similarly priced and can cost anywhere from $10 to $40. The prices depend on the type of mesh, color, design, and kit purchased. Along with purchasing the mesh, you will need to buy additional strings for the topstring, sidewall, bottom string, and shooting strings. This can add an additional $10-$20 dollars to the cost of stringing your stick.

What are the advantages of using hard or soft mesh?

Hard and soft meshes are the two most common types of mesh in lacrosse. Hard mesh does a better job holding the ball in place in the pocket, allowing for more accuracy on passes and shots. Hard mesh is also more durable and maintains its pocket shape better. Soft mesh is easier to string up compared to hard mesh. It also gives the player a better feel for the ball in the pocket and its movements.

How do you know how much mesh is needed for your stick?

When setting up the mesh in a lacrosse stick, there are five essential pieces. The main component is the large piece of mesh, which lays in the center of the unstrung lacrosse head. The mesh is attached to the lacrosse head using a topstring, two sidewall strings, and a bottom string. Most mesh kits also come with additional shooting strings that can be strung on to the upper half of the mesh.