Lacrosse Chin Straps

Lacrosse Chin Straps

A chin strap is a piece of equipment that is used to help secure lacrosse helmets to a player’s head. The chin strap latches onto each side of the helmet while also being held in place by the wearer’s chin. Chin straps are worn below the chin and are adjustable to fit just about anyone’s face.

What are chin straps used for in lacrosse?

In lacrosse, every player is required to wear a protective chin strap at all times during games. Chin straps are also often worn by all players during practices and warm-ups, and are worn in both men’s and women's lacrosse by the goalies. Chin straps have two straps on each side of the wearer’s helmet that both attach via snaps near the ear.

Before putting the helmet on, you buckle both top straps; then, once the helmet is on, you can secure both bottom straps and tighten them until the chin strap is snug around your chin. This is extremely important for the athlete’s safety and also ensures that the helmet is on the right way and will not bounce around while the player runs. Chin straps are one of the more important pieces of equipment in lacrosse in terms of safety, but they can also be customized with team colors, logos, and more to look stylish as well.

Things To Consider

When looking for a lacrosse chin strap, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What size chin strap do you need?
  • What kind of helmet do you have?
  • What type of chin strap do you want?
  • How much do you want to spend on a chin strap?


Lacrosse players use two main types of chin straps: soft chin straps and hard chin straps. The main difference between these two types is the overall fit on a player’s chin.

Soft Chin Strap

A soft chin strap is the more popular out of the two options for lacrosse players. The largest reason for this is fit. Soft chin straps can form themselves around just about any chin and get the job done in similar fashion to hard chin straps. Although they are “soft”, they still provide the protection needed to play a physical sport like lacrosse.

Hard Chin Strap

Hard plastic chin straps have a foam-like coating in the chin cup area with an additional outer layer of hard molded plastic to protect players. One main difference when buying a hard chin strap is that they can be found in many different designs. Additionally, unlike soft chin straps, hard chin straps are more rigid in their fit over a player’s chin.


There are multiple different brands that sell chin straps for lacrosse. A few of the most notable brands include Riddell, Cascade, and Shock Doctor.


Cascade is one of the most popular lacrosse brands for helmets and chin straps. Cascade chin straps are available in multiple different color options for the low price of around $10. They are widely available across numerous online retailers and in stores. Cascade chin straps will fit any lacrosse helmet and come in one size that is easily adjustable to fit any sized head.

Shock Doctor

Shock Doctor is known for making protective equipment, utilizing a triple-grip snap technology on their chin straps to ensure safety and comfort for any athlete wearing it. They utilize no-slip straps, which helps keep their chin straps secure even under the hardest of impacts. Top-tier Shock Doctor chin straps tend to lean towards the more expensive side of the spectrum, with models costing about $20.


How do you wear a chin strap in lacrosse?

Chin straps are worn below the chin and connect at four different points on the side of the athlete’s helmet. To put a chin strap on, the wearer should connect the strap at the two top snaps (one on each side of the head) and then put the helmet on. Once the helmet is on, the bottom two straps can be adjusted to the proper fit and attached to each side of the helmet on the lower snaps. Once attached, the straps should fit snug around the chin to ensure comfort and protection.

Do lacrosse helmets come with chin straps?

Most lacrosse helmets come with a chin strap. However, you can replace the chin strap at any time. Chin straps can be purchased separately for what is typically a low price. It is important to always have a chin strap that fits and is comfortable, so it is very common for athletes to replace them often.

How do you know what size chin strap you need?

Lacrosse chin straps come in a universal size that is adjustable to fit anyone’s chin. Therefore, you should focus on the type and style of the chin strap you prefer. Once selecting a chinstrap, players can properly adjust it to fit their helmets. Chin straps should fit snug and hold the helmet in place without wobbling.