Lacrosse Balls

Lacrosse Ball

Lacrosse balls are one of the most essential pieces of equipment used in lacrosse. Similar to many other sports, every lacrosse game uses balls as an instrument for scoring. While they come in many different colors, most lacrosse balls are very similar.

What are lacrosse balls used for?

The main purpose of lacrosse balls is to be passed to teammates or thrown into the opposing net. Whichever team is holding the ball is considered to have “possession”, and when the ball is thrown through the net the team scores a point. Other than that, lacrosse balls can be used in drills during practice to work on a player’s technique. Just like a soccer ball or hockey puck, lacrosse balls are essential to how the game is played. 

Lacrosse balls are similar in size to a tennis ball or baseball. They typically have a circumference of around 8” and weigh between 5 and 5.25 oz. They fit within the confines of a lacrosse stick in order to be handled. Most lacrosse balls are made of a strong rubber material.

Things To Consider

When looking for a lacrosse ball, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What type of lacrosse do you play?
  • How much money do you have to spend on lacrosse balls?
  • How many lacrosse balls do you need?
  • Are you buying game balls or training balls?
  • Are you using the balls inside or outside?


The two types of lacrosse balls are game balls and training balls.

Game Ball

Lacrosse Game Ball

Game balls are a type of lacrosse ball that can be used for games or practice. There are certain specification requirements such as size, weight, and color that must be met in order for these balls to be used in game. White balls are typically used for men’s lacrosse while yellow balls are used for women’s. Occasionally, green or orange balls may be used.

Training Ball

Lacrosse Training Ball

Training balls are lacrosse balls specifically designed for practice or skill improvement. They are usually made of similar materials, but can be softer than game balls for safety benefits or heavier for strengthening benefits. These balls cannot be used in regulation games and often come in colors such as red, blue, or purple.


The main material that most lacrosse balls are made from is rubber.

  • Rubber: Rubber is the main material that makes up most lacrosse balls. Lacrosse balls are usually a solid piece of vulcanized rubber which makes it stronger and more durable. Rubber makes up the outer surface as well as the core.


The most popular brands that produce lacrosse balls are Champion Sports, PearlX/NX, and Velocity.

  • Champion Sports: Champion sports makes equipment for various sports. They make both training and game balls in a few different quantities and colors.
  • PearlX/NX: PearlX and NX balls are a brand of lacrosse balls produced by Guardian Sports. They come smooth, as well as textured, and offer a large variety of colors and designs.
  • Velocity: Velocity makes select lacrosse and pickleball equipment. They make traditional game balls as well as soft shock-absorbent training balls.


When deciding which lacrosse balls to buy, always consider the durability, cost, and sizes.


Lacrosse balls will typically last a long time. Since many balls are usually being used during games or practice, they will not wear down as fast. Also, their hard rubber build makes them resistant to breaking or scratching. However, some balls can become slick causing errant passes or shots, but this usually does not happen for a few years.


Lacrosse balls will usually cost around $2 to $4 per ball. Specialty training balls may cost more than regular rubber balls. The main factor causing a large difference in price is the quantity. Buying many balls in bulk will usually make the per ball cost much cheaper than buying individual balls.


Lacrosse balls only come in one range of sizes. Regulation balls will have a diameter between 62.7mm and 64.7mm. Training balls may vary slightly more in size, but most lacrosse balls fall within a small range. 


How much do lacrosse balls cost?

Most lacrosse balls can be found for less than $5. Some specialty balls may cost more as they have different technologies built within them. Buying a large quantity of balls at one time will usually make the cost cheaper.

What color lacrosse balls are used in games?

In regulation games, white balls are typically used for men’s lacrosse and yellow balls are used for women’s. Orange and green balls will occasionally be used if factors such as weather make it necessary.

How heavy are lacrosse balls?

All regulation lacrosse balls weigh between 5 and 5.25 oz. They weigh the same as baseballs even though they are slightly smaller. Certain training balls can weigh more if trying to improve strength or less to improve safety.