Lacrosse Bags

Lacrosse Bags

Lacrosse bags are a handy piece of equipment used by many lacrosse players. Similar to most sports, lacrosse has a specifically designed bag for its unique equipment. While lacrosse bags are not required, they can make a lacrosse player’s life significantly easier and more organized.

What are lacrosse bags used for?

The main function of lacrosse bags is to store and carry lacrosse equipment to and from the field or locker room. There is a lot of equipment used in lacrosse and certain pieces of equipment, such as the stick, require specifically designed bags in order to fit. Using one of these bags will make it much easier for a lacrosse player to store and move around many pieces of equipment. 

Lacrosse bags come in a few different shapes and sizes. Most of them are made from high quality materials that can withstand weather elements or wet surfaces. The best bags will also have good ventilation in order to air out the moisture and odor that can build up from a few practices. While regular backpacks or duffel bags can sometimes be used to carry lacrosse equipment, lacrosse bags will undoubtedly provide easier transportation and keep your equipment in better shape. 

Things To Consider

When looking for a lacrosse bag, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What size lacrosse bag do you need?
  • What equipment will you be carrying in your lacrosse bag?
  • What type of lacrosse bag do you want?
  • How much do you want to spend on a lacrosse bag?


The different types of lacrosse bags include backpacks, duffle bags, and stick bags.


Lacrosse Bag Backpack

Lacrosse backpacks are similar to regular backpacks while including a few additional features. They will usually have straps to hold your lacrosse sticks and are more durable than traditional backpacks. The bags are easy to carry and relatively small, making it a good choice for player’s who do not have a lot of equipment.

Duffle Bag

Lacrosse Bag Duffle

Lacrosse duffle bags resemble traditional duffle bags used for luggage. They will also usually have a strap on the outside for your lacrosse stick. Instead of over the shoulder straps, they will have two handheld straps and sometimes a single shoulder strap. These bags are larger than backpacks and more rectangular, making them a good choice for goalies or players with a lot of equipment.

Stick Bag

Lacrosse Bag Stick

Stick bags are specifically designed to carry lacrosse sticks. They can hold a few different sticks and can sometimes hold smaller pieces of equipment as well. These bags are the best at protecting the sticks from severe weather. Stick bags are a good choice for lacrosse players with only a few pieces of equipment.


The most common materials found in lacrosse bags are nylon, polyester, and velcro.

  • Nylon: Nylon is one of the main materials that bags are made out of. It is lightweight, durable and tends to be relatively cheap. It is a simple material that will last a long time.
  • Polyester: Polyester is another common material for bags to be made out of. This material offers a similar feel to nylon and can sometimes be coated in waterproof materials.
  • Velcro: Velcro is a fastener that is used in many lacrosse bags. It can be used to secure items within the bag or on the outside to hold sticks.


The most popular brands that produce lacrosse bags are Nike, STX, and Warrior.

  • Nike: Nike is one of the premier sports equipment and apparel manufacturers. Known for their high quality products, Nike bags feature high quality water resistant materials. Nike makes lacrosse backpacks and duffle bags.
  • STX: STX makes equipment for lacrosse, field hockey, and ice hockey. They make all three types of lacrosse bags for a variety of different costs.
  • Warrior: Warrior makes high quality equipment for both lacrosse and ice hockey. They make backpacks and duffle bags, some of which can be color customized.


When deciding which lacrosse bag to buy, always consider the durability, cost, and sizes.


Most lacrosse bags will be relatively durable. High quality bags are made with technology such as durable, water-resistant materials, ventilation to reduce odor, and strong straps or zippers. A quality bag will last at least a few years if taken care of properly. If a bag tears or has a hole in it, it should be replaced or repaired to prevent moisture from ruining your gear.


Lacrosse bags can have a wide range of prices. Most backpacks and duffle bags will usually cost anywhere from $60 to $90. Some of these have advanced technology and can be customized which makes them even more expensive. Most stick bags will be cheaper and can usually be found for under $40.


Each type of lacrosse bag comes in relatively the same size. Backpacks are usually the smallest and resemble a regular backpack or school bag. Duffle bags are the largest and are similar to a luggage duffle. Stick bags are a similar size to a lacrosse stick while having enough room to store multiple sticks.


What type of gear is stored in a lacrosse bag?

The most common pieces of equipment stored in lacrosse bags are helmets, cleats, gloves, and pads. That being said, lacrosse bags can be used to store anything you could possibly need for your upcoming lacrosse game or practice. This includes personal items such as keys or a cell phone.

How do you keep a lacrosse bag from smelling?

There are a few ways to keep lacrosse bags from smelling. The most important step is to buy a bag that has proper ventilation to prevent moisture from building up inside the bag. If the bag already smells, make sure to properly clean all of your equipment. Additional items such as odor eliminators can also be placed inside the bag to combat different odors.

What are the benefits of using a lacrosse bag?

Lacrosse bags have a few different functions. They are mainly used to transport different pieces of lacrosse equipment to and from places such as a field or locker room. They also keep your equipment organized and stored properly. Lacrosse bags can even protect your gear from getting wet, either from rain or a wet surface.