Kickboxing Equipment List

kickboxing equipment list

Kickboxing is an intense combat sport that requires protection from special equipment. This padding comes from the various pieces of equipment used for the sport. You are not the only one who will need to be protected, but your partners will need to be as well.

When it comes to kickboxing, the equipment goes hand in hand with other combat sports such as boxing. A participant will need things like gloves, hand wraps, and sufficient clothing. Aspects more unique to kickboxing include things such as shin and foot guards.

Using things like punching bags, mitts, a jump rope, and a kettlebell will help you grow as a fighter. This equipment often stays put at the facility you train in, but your gear will have to travel with you. Most athletes in any sport utilize travel bags to hold all of their expensive equipment.

Kickboxing Equipment

Make sure to gather all the things you need before jumping into a sparring match. Take care of your kickboxing equipment so that you are ready to go every time you either train or spar.

Athletic Tape

Kickboxing Athletic Tape

Athletic tape is used in many sports to stabilize different parts of the body. In kickboxing, hands, wrists, legs, and ankles are used the most. Athletic tape is used to keep body parts in place so chances of injury are reduced. Tape provides added grip for participants in kickboxing in the wrist area, not allowing their gloves or other wraps to move much at all during a session. A roll of athletic tape will cost about $5.

Ankle Support Wraps

kickboxing ankle support wraps

When kickboxing, the foot and ankle areas take substantial blows regardless of if you are sparring or training. Wearing ankle support wraps will reduce the risk of landing on your ankle the wrong way and getting an injury. Ankle twists or sprains are common in kickboxing since they are the main body parts used when fighting. It is recommended that you wear these support wraps even if you are only shadowboxing. They will cost you about $10-$20.

Chest Protector

kickboxing chest protector

A chest protector is important for kickboxing. If you are practicing combinations with a partner, your partner will wear this vest in order to reduce the power of the strike you hit them with. It is meant to shorten the blow so that any of your offensive moves will not damage your partner. Chest protectors are bulky with lots of padding. There are different variations of chest protectors for different sports, like a catcher’s chest protector in baseball. A kickboxing chest protector costs about $100.


Kickboxing Clothing

Underneath all of your gear, you will need to have the proper attire for kickboxing. If simply training, a regular shirt and shorts will be fine. If you are sparring or fighting in a competitive setting, you will need to have a more versatile outfit. A matching tank top and boxing shorts combination will suit you well. You will not only look the part but feel like an expert kickboxer before you start fighting.

Foot Guards

kickboxing foot guards

Foot guards are one of the most important pieces of equipment on this list. Kickboxing relies heavily on striking with your feet, requiring ample protection in this area. Foot guards protect your muscles, tendons, and the small bones in your feet while you fight. They also do not impede your freedom to move your feet and strike from any direction. A good pair of foot guards will cost between $30-$50.

Gear Bag

Kickboxing Gear Bag

Carrying your gear from the facility to your car might sound easy, but there are many pieces of kickboxing equipment that you will need to account for. Having a big gear bag will help you to store your equipment safely. These bags often have compartments for both big and small pieces of equipment you may own. A decent gear bag will cost around $50.


kickboxing gloves

Another major component to kickboxing is protecting your hands. The padding on boxing gloves in general braces the impact of your hands, reducing the risk of injury to the hand or fingers. It will also help to protect your opponent when they get hit. Any type of boxing gloves will work for kickboxing, since the main focus of the sport is on the lower body. Kickboxing gloves will cost about $50.

Groin Protection

kickboxing groin protector

In kickboxing you want to protect as much of your lower body as possible. For men, it is important to protect the groin area. A groin protector is a heavily padded piece of equipment that will soften the blow of any strike in that direction. Groin protectors will often have built in cups. These are also available to women if they feel the need to wear one. They cost around $30.

Hand Wraps

kickboxing hand wrap

Hand wraps are important in kickboxing, especially underneath your boxing gloves. When wrapped tightly they provide stability to muscles and tendons in your hands and wrists, allowing you to strike with confidence. These wraps compress your hands, but still allow you to move freely with your punches.

Head Protection

Kickboxing Head Protection

A kickboxing helmet is padded and will reduce impact from both kicks and punches to the head area. A good helmet for kickboxing costs about $50.

Jump Rope

kickboxing jump rope

Jump rope is a common exercise among boxers, and can help to train your reflexes for fighting. Training with a jump rope will help you adjust to having your feet in the air and landing correctly after attempting to kick your opponent. A jump rope is easy to store and costs only about $20.


Kickboxing Kettlebell

Kettlebells help practice strength building for kickboxing. Focus exercises which target your arms and legs, which will end up giving you more powerful strikes. You can squat, swing, and press kettlebells. A nice kettlebell will cost about $50.


kickboxing mitt

Investing in a pair of mitts will make you a better kickboxer. Often used while training, mitts are used by a sparring partner to catch strikes from you. Mitts are fairly lightweight but have sufficient padding to sustain most powerful strikes. Most of the time mitts are used when practicing combinations with a partner. A good pair of mitts will cost about $40.

Mouth Guard

Kickboxing Mouth Guard

Another crucial piece of equipment in kickboxing is the mouthguard. Since you will be getting hit in the face area often, it is important to protect your teeth. Mouthguards are common in most sports, but some athletes choose not to wear one because they are uncomfortable. In all combat sports it is necessary to wear a mouthguard to prevent major injury.

Punching Bags

Kickboxing Punching Bag

Common in all combat sports, a punching bag will help you perfect your striking. They are easy to hang and provide a good reflection of an opponent. Most punching bags are fairly stiff and provide resistance to your strikes. Make sure to put in a good amount of practice with a punching bag before moving on to sparring with a partner. Punching bags can cost anywhere from $100-$300.

Shin Guards

Kickboxing Shin Guards

Shin guards are essential to kickboxing when your opponent strikes your lower body. These guards protect the shins and leg bones from any major damage while fighting. They are heavily padded but also allow you to be flexible during a fight. They are easy to strap around the back of your legs, and cost about $30 -$100.

Thigh Pads

kickboxing thigh pads

Thigh pads are most often used in training situations when it comes to kickboxing. These heavily padded guards are worn by a training partner ready to act as a living punching bag. They mainly protect the thighs but also provide padding to the hip and waist areas. They are rather bulky and may limit your partner’s movement. They on average cost $50-$200.