Kickball Team Names

A huge part of what makes a kickball team great is the team name. Read on for some kickball team name ideas, and to see if you find one that you like!

The First Four

As with any sport, no team is complete without a team name. It gives teams identity and helps with the structuring of leagues. The first official kickball league, WAKA, started with just four teams. The Atlantic League’s initial teams were as follows: Bad News Barristers, Picked Last in Gym Glass, Foul Balls, and BAMF Ballers. Since its birth in 2006, the league has grown to a maximum capacity of 16 teams, each with a unique and quirky name of its own.

Team Names Today

Kickball is as much a sport of skill and strategy as it is fun and lighthearted. It is important that members of the team pick a name that truly represents their playful spirit. Before picking a name though, it is important to acknowledge that some leagues have rules against names that make political or religious references. Most leagues also prohibit direct sexual, drug or alcohol references. If you can avoid these restrictions, then just about any team name one comes up with will do. In the most recent Founders Cup World Kickball Championship, the teams involved in the tournament were: AZ Pricks, Fainting Goats, Gordon Bombays, H8, Menage A Trois, NOT TODAY, RAD, Relax, Shattered Dreams, SOFA KING GOOD, Sonics, TBDAF, and WERD.

Ideas for Your Team

If none of the names of the current teams listed above have inspired you, perhaps try some of these. Some of these team names may already be in use, so check with your local league to see if they are available.

Names Using the Word ‘Kick’

  • One Kick Wonders
  • Scared Kickless
  • Our Squad Has a Kick to It
  • We Get a Kick Out of Winning
  • New Kicks on the Block
  • Natural Born Kickers
  • Alive and Kicking
  • Kicking Others to the Curb since 2012
  • We Kick Like Mules

Funny Team Names

  • Dream Crushers
  • Toe Jammers
  • Kickin’ Grass and Taken’ Names
  • Kick the Habit
  • Ace of 2nd Base
  • Wasted Potential: The Kickball Team that never quite put it together
  • We came, We saw, We kicked!
  • Recreational Hazard
  • Fresh Prince of Ball Air

Best of the Best

  • Kicking it Old School
  • Kick the Can
  • The Ballbarians
  • Slim Kickins
  • Not your Father’s Kickball Team
  • We Got the Runs
  • Boot by the Foot
  • Moves like Kick Jagger

If none of these interest you, then feel free to come up with your own! After all, it’s your team, your rules. Once you and your teammates have decided on a team name, you’re ready for action. Next stop, the Founders Cup!