Kickball Field Dimensions

Kickball Field Dimensions

Kickball is a recreational game and not highly governed by league rules. Kickball games often take place on multi-purpose playing surfaces, such as baseball or softball fields and local parks. However, there are some regulations for the size of a standard kickball field. Find a complete list of kickball field dimensions below.

Regulation Kickball Field Dimensions

Kickball fields can be flexible, but at higher levels of play, there are regulation dimensions to keep gameplay consistent. Here are the dimensions of a regulation kickball field:

  • 60 ft between each base
  • 84 ft, 10 ¼ in from home plate to second base
  • 84 ft, 10 in first-to-third base diagonal
  • 42 ft, 5 ⅛ in from home plate to the pitching strip
  • Strike zone extends 1 ft outside and above home plate
  • Sidelines begin 10 ft behind home plate and extend to the fence, running parallel to the foul lines

Kicking Box Dimensions

Kickball Kicking Box

The kicker’s or kicking box is a part of the kickball field that surrounds home plate, where kicks must be made. It is a rectangle that is measured with the front of the box in line with the front of home plate and the back of the box in line with the sideline cones. The diagonal lines that stretch from the back tip of home plate to the cones at the rear of the kicking box measure 10 feet long.

Strike Zone Dimensions

Kickball Strike Zone

The strike zone extends one foot outward from the sides and rear edges of home plate. It also extends one foot upward into the air. The rear of the strike zone is about 3.5 feet wide. Balls must be rolled inside the strike zone to count as strikes.


What is the kickball base distance on a regulation field?

The bases on a regulation kickball field are 60 feet apart. The distance from home plate to second base is 84 ft, 10 ¼ in. The distance between first and third bases is 84 ft 10 in.

Does a kickball field have the same dimensions as a softball field?

Yes, a kickball field has the same dimensions as a softball field. In both sports, the distance between bases is 60 feet and the distance to the pitcher’s mound is 42 feet. This makes softball fields excellent venues for kickball games.