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Kickball Field Dimensions

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Let's talk numbers. Kickball is a recreational game and not highly governed by league rules. As such, the dimensions of a kickball field will match what is available at your local park. Kickball games will take place on multi-purpose playing surfaces, usually resembling a baseball field or softball field. The field dimensions may vary slightly based on the ballpark or stadium itself since not every component of the field is defined by a specific measurement.

Kickball Field Dimensions

Regulation Kickball Field Dimensions

Kickball fields can be flexible, but at higher levels of play, there are regulation dimensions to keep gameplay consistent. The distance between the bases is 60 ft all around. The distance between home to second is 84 ft and 10 1/4 inches, the pitching strip lies in the middle at 42 ft and 5 1/8 inches from home plate. 10 ft behind home plate is where the sidelines begin, which extend to the fence.

REMEMBER: Kickball is a recreational game, so don't worry if the field isn't perfect. Just get out and play!


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