How Does Scoring Work In Kickball?

How Does Scoring Work In Kickball

Kickball is one of the biggest recreational sports in the United States. The aim of the game is to score more runs than your opponent and in doing so you win the game. The sport is similar to that of baseball but with some major differences such as larger sized balls that are kicked rather than hit. Scoring in kickball occurs every time a runner touches all four bases and reaches home plate before a third out is registered. At the end of seven innings, the team with more runs scored wins. Read on to learn more about scoring in kickball. 


Kickball Field

Every kickball game begins with a pitcher whose role is to roll the ball smoothly to the kicker that resides behind home plate. The ball must be rolled within a certain distance of the kicker and the kicker is ruled out if they fail to put the ball in play after three pitches. There are multiple ways in which a kicker can be declared out.

If a defensive player catches the ball in the air, the kicker is out and it’s declared a fly ball. If a defensive player fails to catch the ball and it hits the ground, the defensive player has to pick it up and throw it to the base before the kicker makes it to the base. 

Another way a player can be declared out is if they are tagged out. A base runner is out if they get tagged with the ball while they are not on a base or if a defensive player with the ball steps on the base before the base runner reaches it. In some variations of kickball, a base runner can also be called out if a defensive player throws the ball and manages to hit the base runner from their shoulder and below. 


Kickball Run

A run is scored in kickball when a base runner crosses home plate. After a kicker kicks the ball into fair territory, the kicker becomes a base runner and their main objective is to reach all four bases safely without getting out. The runner must touch each base in order, starting at first base. In some cases, kicks may result in a double, triple, or even a home run. It is important to note that when running the runner must stay within the base path.

The base path is a straight line from the baseline to the base. If the runner fails to stay within the base path, they are out. If a ball is caught, the runner has the option to tag up and run to the next base. If the runner successfully tags all the bases and reaches home plate without being tagged out or their team racking up three outs, a run is scored. An important rule for running is that a base runner can not leave the base until the ball is kicked by the kicker. If the base runner leaves the base before the kicker kicks the ball, they are out. 


To win a game of kickball, a team must score more runs than their opponent to be declared the winner. There are many different ways to score a run. In addition to regular runs, home runs and fielding errors also contribute to scoring runs. A home run in kickball is awarded when the kicker kicks the ball out of bounds beyond the outfielders in fair territory. A home run is not awarded if the ball is in foul territory.

When a kicker hits a home run, any base runner on the field is allowed to run all bases freely and score a run in addition to the kicker. Fielding errors are less likely to occur but teams can still benefit from them. A fielding error is when a fielder drops the ball or throws it past a teammate. If a fielder makes an error, a base runner may advance an extra base. If a base runner crosses home plate on a fielding error, the run still counts but it counts as an unearned run.

If a game is still tied after seven innings, the game can either be called a tie or go to extra innings. If a game goes to extra innings all rules stay the same except the game goes inning by inning. If any team is able to score a run and stop the other team from scoring, the game is declared over. 


How do you score points in kickball?

A point is awarded in kickball if a runner crosses home plate without being called out. Each time a runner crosses home plate successfully, a point is awarded to their team. The objective of the game is to score more points than the opponent and in doing so you win the game. Kickball is accessible to everyone, all you need is a kickball, four bases, and friends.