Kickball Whistles

What are Kickball Whistles?

In kickball, whistles can be used by both coaches and referees in order to stop or start play. While referees can use whistles during games, coaches should only use whistles while practicing or running drills.

When to Use Whistles in Kickball

Coaches can use whistles in kickball during practice, in order to get players' attention, start and stop drills, or simulate an actual game while acting as the referee.

Kickball referees use their whistles during games to:

  • Start or stop the game
  • Call a time-out
  • End the game due to darkness or weather
  • Penalize a player
  • Eject a player

The whistle helps the referee maintain complete control over the game and ensures that every player can hear calls.

Types of Whistles

ACME makes some of the most popular referee whistles on the market, all designed to allow as much air to be released as possible in order to create the loudest sounds possible. The ACME Thunderer is the most popular, as it creates what is generally found to be the most pleasing of whistle sounds. These whistles, like most whistles used in kickball, are worn around the neck instead of on the fingers.

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