Kickball Water Bottles

What are Kickball Water Bottles?

Kickball water bottles are water bottles that players can bring to both kickball practices and games. There is nothing especially unique about them; any water bottle or water jug can qualify.

Like many other sports, players bring water bottles to refuel throughout games. They are usually kept on the sidelines or under the bench, so whenever a player is off the field or waiting to kick, they can drink. Sometimes the pitcher can have a water bottle and towel at the pitching mound, but that is only permitted in some leagues.

Types of Bottles

Water bottles can be designed according to the athlete's sport, with team logos, mascots, or the ball of the sport. They're usually the color of the team, but some teams don't require a certain size or type requirement. Some players opt for a squeeze bottle that doesn't require a lot of time to drink from- they want to be able to take a quick drink and get back on the field. Other types of bottles include water jugs, flip top bottles, and wide mouth bottles. These water bottles for kickball players can be purchased from any sporting goods store or online.

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