Kickball Uniforms

What are Kickball Uniforms?

In order for players to successful compete in kickball, they must be wearing the proper uniforms. A typical kickball uniform consists of a jersey, shorts, socks, and cleats. The uniform is designed to allow kickball players to compete in the easiest and most effective way possible.


Some players and teams also wear hats as part of their uniforms, in order to block the sun from interfering with any plays on defense or from seeing the ball properly on offense. Hats usually display the team's logo or match the team's color. Some players choose to wear glasses instead, as they do the same thing.

Why do Kickball Players Wear Uniforms?

Players must wear uniforms in order to signal which team they are playing for. By matching the clothing of other members on their team, they tell opposing players that they are on the other team and are trying to get them out while on defense. Uniforms also allow players to compete more effectively, with light-weight jerseys and shorts allowing them to move faster and cleats allowing them to run faster and kick farther. Knee-high socks can provide protection for the legs while sliding so that the skin does not get cut by dirt or rocks and can prevent blisters from appearing on players' ankles.

Where to Purchase Uniforms

For more serious and competitive leagues, many websites allow teams to design and customize jerseys and shorts to be worn during games. By including their team's name and creating a customized look, the uniforms can set each team apart from their competition. Socks can also be customized, but plain versions are sold online or at sporting goods stores in bulk.

Teams could also go to traditional sports stores and purchase t-shirts, socks, and athletic shorts to be worn during games. Players typically buy cleats on their own, as each person has their own preference.

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