Kickball Speakers

What are Kickball Speakers?

Many kickball teams enjoy listening to music as they practice and play games. They will often used portable speakers that they can bring to the field. These speakers are either bluetooth or connect to a phone by auxiliary cord. Similar to baseball games, some teams will play specific songs when a player is getting ready to kick, pumping the player up. They can even play funny songs while they other team kicks to try to mess them up.

As bluetooth speakers become more popular, kickball players are choosing this version more often. This way, they can change the song from on the field or the bench without having to get up and move to the speaker. They have to make sure the speaker is in a safe space so it doesn't get hit by the ball or a player.

Purchasing Speakers

Speakers can be bought as office supply and technology stores, as well as online. Depending on the quality of the speaker and the size, they range from cheap to rather expensive. If players want to be able to hear the music all over the field, they may even buy a set of speakers that can both play at the same time. Companies such as JBL and Beats offer bluetooth speakers that can be used outdoors for kickball.

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