Kickball Socks

What are Kickball Socks?

In kickball, players need to be able to play for hours under intense conditions with gear that can provide stability, protection, and comfortability to help athletes play their best. For this reason, socks are an especially important piece of equipment for kickball players. A quality pair of kickball socks are typically made of cotton, polyester and nylon bled to provide maximum comfort, flexibility and support.

While players are free to wear whatever socks they desire, most kickball socks are similar to that of softball or baseball socks, which can be customized online or purchased at any sporting goods store. Kickball socks generally cover all the way above the player's calf and stop right below the knee, however some players will choose low socks that stop around the ankle or high socks that extend above the knee, depending on preference. Don't forget, kickball socks are also a part of the sport's style, so many players will design their own socks or have socks that match with their teams jerseys.

What Makes a Quality Kickball Sock?

Kickball can be a down and dirty sport, with players sliding for bases, diving for the ball, and playing in all sorts of weather circumstances. To counter this, players need socks that protect their legs from cuts, scratches, and infections throughout the game. Kickball socks need to be durable and flexible; players need a full range of motion and socks that will last them though tough game conditions. Comfort and support are a must for a quality kickball sock. Players will want a sock that supports their foot's structure, reduces fatigue, fits their legs properly, and feels comfortable to wear. Most importantly, kickball socks need to be sweat absorbent; keeping your feet dry while playing the game can greatly affect how players perform. Socks engineered with sweat absorbent technology are your best bet for a top-notch kickball sock.

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