Kickball shorts

What are kickball shorts?

Since kickball is most often played outdoors in warm weather, players will most likely be wearing shorts as part of their uniform. Kickball shorts are typically athletic shorts, made from lighter materials that absorb moisture. A good pair of shorts can be vital to a kickball player's success!

What are kickball shorts made of?

Kickball shorts are traditionally made of light or medium weight materials, like nylon or polyester pique, that absorb sweat and leave room for flexibility and comfort. These materials help keep players from being weighed down by sweat and are loose enough to grant players a full range of motion when kicking or running.

Shorts style

Kickball shorts are usually black or gray, like most traditional gym shorts. Some teams may customize their shorts to match their jerseys, adding a different color, logo, or player number. Length of shorts typically depends on the player wearing them, since some players perfer longer shorts to shorter shorts.

Kickball shorts

Where to purchase kickball shorts

Kickball shorts can be purchased at almost any store that sells athletic clothing or sporting goods. Be sure to find a pair that is loose enough for flexible movement and light weight, so they do not weigh you down while playing.

For customized shorts, contact online retailers who specialize in customizable athletic clothing, like Nike or CustomInk.

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