Kickball Jerseys

What are Kickball Jerseys?

In order for kickball players to properly signify which team they are on, they all have to wear matching jerseys. Recreational teams may just wear t-shirts of the same color but more serious leagues have performance level tops, customized for each team.

Jersey Material

Kickball is almost always played outside and requires good weather, so most leagues take place during the summer. Because of this, jerseys are typically short-sleeved and are made of light, moisture-wicking materials. By keeping the sweat from weighing down the jersey, players can move faster and get a better grip on the ball when fielding.

Jersey Style

Jerseys must be the same for each member on the team, varying only in number and last name. Jerseys should display the team's name on the front, the player's number on the front and/or back, and possibly the player's last name on the upper back of the jersey. If playing in a league or as part of the World Adult Kickball Association, the jerseys may also include it's logo. Jerseys may feature any sort of design on them, though they often match the team's name.

Kickball jersey

Where to Purchase Jerseys

For teams wearing simple t-shirts, jerseys can be purchased at sporting goods or craft stores, both of which sell plain shirts that can be worn. A sporting store like Dick's Sporting Goods or a craft store like Michaels would sell shirts perfect for use.

For more professional looking jerseys, teams can use websites like CustomInk or MyLocker to fully customize their jerseys.

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