Kickball Fields

What are Kickball Fields?

The game of kickball can be played on many different surfaces as long as there is appropriate space for the game. Ideally, the sport is played on a softball field or baseball diamond, but it can also be played on grass or indoors. No matter the field, there will still be four bases and a spot for the pitcher in the middle. As long as players are able to set up bases and have enough space to play, really any space can become a kickball field.

Softball/Baseball Diamonds

A softball or baseball diamond will have bases already built in for the game, allowing for easier set up. It will also have a designated spot for the pitcher, allowing for consistency in the pithing position. Typical baseball diamonds have a sandy or gravelly surface. While this is great for baseball where they have cleats, some kickball games can be disrupted by people slipping or falling on the gravel when not wearing the appropriate shoes.

Grass Fields

Kickball can also be played on grass fields. This requires more set up and take down than a softball diamond because the bases and lines must be created. Grass is safer for players if they happen to slip or fall while running, but can be more difficult when kicking. If the grass is wet, players can slip when trying to plant their foot to kick the ball.

FUN FACT: One version of the game has slip and slides set up on the grass between bases, allowing players to slide easily into their base!

Indoor Fields

Kickball can also be played indoors in a space such as a gymnasium. Players must set up designated spaces for bases and make sure that they are not too close to any walls in case someone over runs a base. The ceiling must also be high enough that players are not hitting it with balls and either causing damage to the gym or disrupting the play of the game.

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