Kickball Clipboards

What are Kickball Clipboards?

Kickball clipboards are used by coaches during practices and games. The clipboard is typically a whiteboard has a diagram of the kickball diamond on it. Players can use this to visualize plays and positions that are given by their coaches. It can be difficult to hear a play given by a coach, and not be able to visualize it. The clipboard eliminates any confusion and gives the player complete access to the diamond at a quick glance.


The clipboard is typically held by the coach off of the field, and when they need to show a quick strategy or concept, they have it ready for players. This clipboard can also hold information on the players, their positions, and their batting lineup. It's an all-in-one board for coaches.

If you are a coach looking to purchase a kickball clipboard, they are usually available in sporting goods stores. Since the kickball diamond is similar to a baseball diamond, a baseball clipboard diagram would work, too. The clipboard can mark what players are on each base and any scoring information.

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