Kickball Cleats

What Are Kickball Cleats?

Kickball cleats are shoes worn while playing kickball. Whereas normal shoes tend to wear out or fall apart when kicking, sliding and running the bases, kickball cleats are designed to be durable and allow players to perform at full potential.


Kickball cleats often offer the following benefits to players

  1. Slip-Resistance: helps prevent players from falling while running the bases and sustaining an injury
  2. Good Air Circulation: keeps players' feet cool and comfortable throughout the course of a long game
  3. Ankle Support: protects against ankle injuries
  4. Form Fit: prevents the shoes from falling off
  5. Strong-Gripping Spikes/Studs: allows players to dig into the dirt and grass and get good traction when trying to accelerate
  6. Durability: ensures that the cleats will hold up for a relatively long period of time before needing to be replaced
  7. Specialization: kickball cleats come in several varieties that are suited for different playing surfaces (natural grass, artificial turf, dirt, concrete)

Purchasing Kickball Cleats

Kickball cleats are available for purchase at sporting goods stores, shoe stores and various online shops. They are generally easier to find than other forms of sports equipment, as many soccer cleats fulfill the same needs and can double as kickball cleats.

While there are cleats manufactured exclusively for kickball, many soccer cleats serve the same purpose.

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