Kickball bases

What are kickball bases?

Bases are a vital piece of equipment used in the game of kickball. They are used as waypoints or safe spaces for runners after kicking. Bases include first base, second base, third base, home plate, and the pitcher's plate, each marking a particular point in the diamond. Kickball bases commonly share the same dimensions and placement as softball bases. Most kickball bases are made of hard rubber and some will be reinforced with metal or concrete underneath to hold them in place. Kickball bases can be purchased online or at most sporting goods retail stores.

Base Dimensions

Generally, bases are placed 60 feet apart from each other in a straight line to form the points of the diamond, with the exception of the pitcher's plate. The pitcher's plate is placed on top of the pitcher's mound, which is in between second base and home plate. First, second, and third base all share the same square shape, while home plate is shaped as an irregular pentagon and the pitcher's plate is a rectangle. In professional play, first base tends to be a bit larger than other bases in order to decrease collisions, measuring 15x30 inches. Second and third base are the same dimensions, measuring 15x15 inches. Home plate is usually 17 inches long, with two sides measuring 8.5 inches, and the other two measuring 12 inches. Bases can be no thicker than 5 inches in height. In ameauture play, it is common for all bases to be the same size and for sizes or placements to vary.

Kickball Field

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