Kickball Balls

What is a kickball ball?

Kickball balls are rubber balls specifically designed for the sport of kickball. Unlike balls in other sports such as baseball and football, kickballs are almost always made of rubber and are extremely bouncy. The durable, rubber design of kickballs prevents them from tearing when exposed to hard kicks and rough surfaces. Balls that are tailored to kickball are often easily recognizable by their bright red color.

kickball ball

Types of Kickball Balls

There are several brands and types of kickballs to choose from based on the players participating in the game. Younger players are best suited with a smaller, lightweight kickball while adults often play with a heavier ball that is more difficult to kick.


Regardless of the age group participating in a game of kickball, official kickball rules require the ball to have a 10 inch diameter and be inflated to no less than 1.5 pounds per square inch. Pounds per square inch helps to measure how inflated the balls are, with the rule of 1.5 pounds per square inch existing to make the ball somewhat challenging for both the offense to kick and the defense to field.

Best Balls Reviews


We reviewed the WAKA Official Kickball - Adult 10. This product is made by WAKA, the world adult kickball association, an amazon choice product, and the highest rated kickball you'll find.

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