Kickball Wild Pitches

What happens if a pitch is thrown far outside the strike zone? Are runners allowed to advance? Get ready to learn about wild pitches in kickball.


As a pitcher, sometimes you'll make a mistake on a pitch and the kickball will fly far away from the strike zone. What happens in this case?

Kickball Pitch

We've already learned about overthrows as a fielder. In this tutorial, we will learn about wild pitches as a pitcher and what happens as a result.

Wild Pitch

Wild pitches occur when a pitcher throws a kickball that is so far from the strike zone that the catcher is unable to catch it. In this case, runners may advance.

IMPORTANT: Depending on the level of play and rules of the league, wile pitches may limit the number of bases that baserunners are allowed to advance. Please refer to your league's rulebook for more information.

If the pitch was the kicker's third strike, the kicker may also advance to first base. However, it is not considered a wild pitch if no runner advanced bases. If the bases are empty and the kicker had less than two (2) strikes, it is not considered a wild pitch even if the catcher was unable to catch it.

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